A Transformative 3-Day Leadership Event

Katie Wight | October 22, 2022

2022 has been really something for a lot of entrepreneurs I know. We have clients who've had an incredible year of performance – especially those making a comeback in travel-related industries and the like. But for the majority of my peers and mentors building startups and coming off an extremely strong 2021, most leaders are struggling to reconcile unmet expectations and slower growth than anticipated.

Looking at the past three years is especially interesting to me and a reminder that "growth" comes in many forms – and we have to make space for every type of growth if we want to build a brand that lasts for the long haul.

I want to share some of the biggest lessons I've learned through the process of:
        - launching a new business unit that hit a million in revenue in its first year
        - reaching the top 2% revenue bracket of all women-owned businesses
        - doubling the size of my team and making all kinds of mistakes that come with that territory
        - expanding, consolidating, and finding our place in an oversaturated market

So, I've put together something special for you. And given this time of year (though, truth be told, I’ve never won a Halloween costume contest and horror movies just aren’t my thing), I know that for many humans, this is a most sacred holiday. In your honor, I’m gonna put a seasonal spin on it!

10/31 – A Spooky Roast of 2022’s Goblins and Ghouls

Breaking down my biggest missteps and lessons learned from the past three years of launching a new business unit that hit a million in revenue in its first year, reaching the top 2% revenue bracket of all women-owned businesses, doubling the size of my team, expanding, consolidating, and finding our place in an oversaturated market.

***We’ll host the session live and then distribute the replay along with a podcast link to make it as easy as possible for you to fit it into your day :)

11/1 – Burnt Out to Bewitched

Burnout assessment workshop where you'll leave with burnout prevention strategies that make sure you can easily last for the long haul and keep your team motivated, no matter what gets thrown your way.

11/2 – Supernatural Strategy

Once we've put the demons of a tough year to rest and selected burnout prevention strategies for the future, let's get back to growth. You'll leave this session with the secret recipe to meaningful marketing that leads with purpose, grows your revenue, and protects your profit margin no matter what.

A few of you asked about the price.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is how much this community keeps me and my team in the game. We aren’t your average social media marketers: We’re a collective of high-achieving women seeking full, well-rounded lives – we’d rather see you spend time with family than sacrifice the best years of your life to Meta. That’s not our “positioning” – we’re genuinely outraged at the marketing industry’s status quo and the toll it takes on purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

There have been days over the past three years that I’ve been so disgusted by Zuckerberg, I’ve thought for sure I needed to find somewhere else to work. Inevitably, every single time I feel that way, I receive a kind and encouraging note from someone in this community that lets me know our work is positively impacting their lives. It feels like an oxygen tank when I think I’m almost out of air.

So let’s keep each other in the game.

We’re going to put together an extremely valuable event for this community that is FREE.
We’re going to invest outsized effort into it as though it was a paid experience.
We’re gonna trust that the energy we put into it will be returned by this community because you’ve never let us down.

I’ll share hindsight, foresight, logic, and a strategic perspective that sets you up to finish this year strong.

And we’ll all get fired the f* up to look next year in the eye with recession-proof courage.

Are you in!? Register HERE.

UPDATE: This event has sadly passed, but if you want to watch the replays, check them out HERE!   

A sincere and thankful,