There’s an unprecedented conflict of interest inside of the social media marketing industry, and it directly affects small-but-mighty brands that sell physical or digital products. I know you’re super busy, so I’m going to dig right in.

The background:

  • The content creator and influencer market has doubled in size to a whopping 13.8 billion USD since 2016 and is expected to grow to 24.1 billion USD by 2025.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are paying content creators billions of dollars in 2022 alone to create content on their platforms (not an exaggeration).
  • The purpose is inter-platform competition: They’re deploying influencers and content creators to help keep more human attention on their platform (to keep themselves relevant). They’re competing for our screen time in order to achieve an increase in their shareholder value.
  • This has resulted in an unprecedented amount of content being created about the platforms themselves.

The conflict

  • Billions of dollars are being pumped into all of the social media marketing education you see, but the advice isn’t tailored to your business type. The experience behind this education is that of an influencer…not of a brand owner or marketing leader that’s at the helm of a business that sells physical or digital products.
  • This results in the strategies being misplaced, not working, and wasting time and money (PSA, partnering with content creators as a part of your operations and content production program is a good idea, but your strategy needs to be defined first so that you can identify the best partners).

The point

  • If you’ve been trying these strategies and they’re not working, you’re in good company.
  • If you’ve looked at these strategies and thought this feels off brand or how on Earth can I post this much? You’re asking the right questions.

The solution

I created a 60-minute, jam-packed masterclass that will walk you through exactly how to level up, think for yourself, and create your very own zero-waste social media growth system:

  • One that’s informed by analyzing thousands of successful, growing product brands.
  • One that I’ve used with clients that range from $100,000 in annual revenue to $100m in annual revenue.
  • One that teaches a sustainable strategy that can be customized to your business, objectives, and resources (and grow with you over time).
  • One that outlasts platform updates and algorithm changes so that you can stay focused on building your business.

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In your corner,