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Robert is a Small Business, Revenue Generating Machine. When finished with your funnel, it should convert like a finely tuned race car. He is currently the Owner and CEO of "The Funnel Man" Through his determination and deep desire to help others find success, he has become a sensational, highly regarded, funnel designer and motivational speaker.

His extraordinary training and coaching have led many individuals to reach their personal and business dreams and goals. He believes that nothing is impossible as long as you take “Incremental Steps Daily” towards your objectives.

Robert has spent more than three decades helping small business formulate a system to grow their business into a long-term, sustainable, profitable entity.

"The Funnel Man” and his team, has the un-canning ability to inspire people like you, to reach their full potential.

Furthermore, Robert is a master Funnel Builder and will create a working funnel that will bring in additional income within weeks of implementing your funnel for your business.

In short, you should be working with me because I can build your entire Funnel the RIGHT way, the FIRST time, so you can convert your traffic into immediate PROFITS.

Interested in having software that really works? Well, that’s great because getting an account is easy! You can immediately begin using this amazing software with your very own 14-day trial.

Robert has written many books, however, the most recent book that he has authored is appropriately named “Incremental Steps Daily”.

With over a decade of Public Speaking under his belt, Robert has discovered that most small businesses are missing a few key elements which could double their bottom lines in a matter of months.

This insight has led The Funnel Man; to create “Mini-eBooks” that will help Managers and Assistant Managers to take “incremental steps inside of their businesses to make huge gains to the Profit and Loss Statements.

Robert lives in Texas with his wife of 30 years. She has been retired for many years and loves going on the road with. The Funnel Man”

He is known as The Funnel Man; Robert would love to create the funnel of your dreams.


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