About Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney

I'm Jean, and I'm CEO and Senior Strategist at ABEM Digital Creations. I took the plunge and became a CF Certified Partner in 2016, and now I, along with the rest of the ABEM - TechyPark expert team, am here to help you transform your web presence to business profit.

As a research scientist with 2 PhDs and 30+ years of experience focused on cultural studies, human and natural systems, and strategic planning, I understand the critical role of getting the right story to the right audience at the right time and in the right way. I * GET * the interconnected whole of a business's web presence.

The ABEM Digital Creations Team and I are excited to offer you an array of digital marketing services. The Team's Skills include: • Fully-Integrated Funnel-Based Campaign Building and Technical Support • Digital Marketing (Strategic Planning, Platform Integration, Funnels, Social Media management & ads) • Effective Communication (Keynote Addresses; Briefings; Articles; Blogs; Copywriting) • Consulting (Program Design, Program Development) • Curriculum Development/Course Development • Instruction (Workshops, Seminars, Webinars) • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking • Teaching/Training • Creating Enthusiasm

Disclaimer - ABEM does not guarantee revenue goals. That’s just not fair to ask of me and the team because sales/marketing is only one part of any business equation. Any client who has worked with us will tell you that we give you 1000% of our creative energy, time, and expertise. I promise we will save you the money that you might have spent on fast funnels built by one-off technicians who never care to bother with understanding your story--the WHY of what you do, what you are passionate about--and how your story and passion are the magnets for your ideal client. The team and I will spare you the agony of deciding what to use, what order to do things in, and the headache of managing a sales and marketing team.

We have plenty of references I’m happy to provide, should we get to that point in our budding relationship.


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