Scaling your brand online with personality, integrity, and cohesion. Activating your content and social media strategy with resource efficiency in mind. Knowing that none of it matters if it doesn’t perform — that’s where we’re coming from! 

The social media marketing industry is chaotic and overwhelming (aka it kind of sucks). We’re endlessly solicited by “experts” pedaling the same, unsustainable advice to chase trends, obsess over the algorithm, and be everywhere at all times. But these tired tactics lack real strategy, don’t drive systematic business results, and waste precious resources. At Strong Brand Social, we know that trendy tactics don’t matter if your marketing doesn’t perform, and that you don’t have money to waste on “experts” that fail to deliver. We’re on a mission to increase the success rate of purpose-driven brands with efficient and powerful content and social media marketing strategies that align with their unique business goals and drive measurable (and easy) results.


What Clients Are Saying About Rachel Shappy

"Thanks to SBS, we've seen 20% growth in sales for all quarters"
- Bruno F., Owner And Founder Of FZIOTIC
“Now that I have my organic strategy working (thanks, SBS!) I am back at $10k months without having to spend any money on ads.”
- Malini D, Owner And Founder Of MD Writing & Editing
“My social media following has increased by 10K, with 60% of website visitors coming from social platforms. The overall engagement and direct contact inquiries have surged. This result is mind-blowing to me.
- Jade S., Owner & Founder Of Jade Sterling Coaching
“Strong Brand Social has given me the knowledge necessary to create a more holistic social media plan that's much more sustainable as a very small brand. I can already see the growth - I highly recommend this amazing team!"
- Katie W., Owner And Founder Of Ritual Skincare
"The playbook is incredibly helpful in creating content and staying focused. I can see that my content is getting better organic engagement, and I spend less time thinking about what to post."
- Julia, Owner And Founder Of Topaz & Pearl

Client Portfolio

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