The entrepreneurial curse of 2022 is burnout, cast by the demonic forces of the marketing industry and strengthened by a spooky economic reading 🔮



✨ Apocalypse-Proof ✨

A transformative leadership event designed to

recession-proof your brand

for entrepreneurs that want to eradicate burnout, spend less time and money on social media marketing, and thrive through any economy

Oct 31 - Nov 2   |   VALUABLE AF   |   FREE for One Week Only!  

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Learn how to cast the spell of meaningful marketing and purpose-driven leadership at this once-in-a-blue-moon event 🌙

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Oct 31: A Spooky Roast of 2022’s Goblins and Ghouls 👻


Mistakes and hard lessons learned through the past three years of

  • launching a new business unit that reached a million in revenue in its first year
  • reaching the top 2% revenue bracket of all women-owned businesses
  • doubling the size of my team and making all kinds of mistakes that come with that territory
  • A few wins. Lots of losses. And millions of dollars worth of lessons in marketing, leadership, and purpose-driven brand building.


Nov 1: Burnt Out to Bewitched ⚡


A burnout assessment workshop where you’ll leave with burnout prevention strategies that make sure you can easily last for the long haul and keep your team motivated, no matter what gets thrown your way.


Nov 2: Supernatural Strategy 🔮


Once we've put the demons of a tough year to rest and selected burnout prevention strategies for the future, let's get back to growth. You'll leave this session with the secret recipe to meaningful marketing that leads with purpose, grows your revenue, and protects your profit margin no matter what.



Katie Wight is the founder of Strong Brand Social, a global marketing education company teaching thousands of purpose-driven brands how to design high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth.