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Content Strategy Accelerator

The internet's #1 guide to growth-driving content and social media strategy will help you show up like the world's most beloved brands. Guaranteed to grow your brand, engage your customer, and drive digital word-of-mouth. Field-tested and proven on thousands of brands across dozens of industries. Buckle up and watch it stack!💰

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What You'll Learn

How to cut through the noise to connect with your people – even in the most crowded market – on your own terms, with a message that sets your brand apart

How to make sure every piece of content you publish grows your brand, converts new customers, or generates lifetime loyalty

How to control your time, plan ahead, and make sure anyone that mentions your brand is moving in the exact same direction for max return on your marketing!

What You'll Get

The exact growth-driving approach to content strategy that’s used by the world’s most beloved brands so you can launch your own (in record time)

What You'll Need

A strong purpose, proven offer — a bright idea will do — and an appetite for growth 🥓

Course Syllabus

1. Brand Framework

How to craft a point of view that cuts through the chaos to permanently plant your brand in your ideal customer's heart and mind

2. Content Strategy

Create a custom content strategy that ensures every post you publish will systematically drive increased brand awareness, sales, and loyalty

3. Social Playbook

Define a roadmap that aligns your social media manager, content creators, email marketers, and advertisers for cohesive storytelling across your full digital footprint

4. Story Planning

Learn how the world’s greatest marketing leaders efficiently plan and align storytelling to business goals for maximum momentum

5. Growth Roadmap

Design a growth plan that will outlast every algorithm update! Achieve longer shelf-life and better results from your content

6. Measurement Model

So you know exactly what’s working (and how to optimize what’s not) according to performance metrics and creative insights

7. So Much More

Immediate, on-demand, and life-time access to the training, tutorials, and tools described (and a whole lot more we can’t fit in these boxes)! Community support ❤️ and a 14-day money-back guarantee 

meet your instructor

Katie Wight

Social media marketing's voice of reason. Our founder has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth


The best marketing decision you'll ever make.

From The Community

Wow, I've been part of the Content Strategy Accelerator for all of 5 minutes and the value I'm getting from it is just insane. Aready. The whole concept and delivery is incredible.

John D.

I absolutely recommend CSA without hesitation. I think anyone looking to improve their social media skills and advertising will benefit from this investment. The support from the KW team as well as others taking the course is way beyond my expectations.

Shelly W.

CSA has been pivotal for me as I think about my rebrand. I come from an engineering background so I appreciate the framework and efficiency driven technical tools included, and how they tie to the creative process.


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