Attract an Endless Stream of New Customers with the Reliable “Yellow Brick Road Technique”

Attract an Endless Stream of New Customers with the Reliable “Yellow Brick Road Technique”

Customer acquisition, put simply, is the means for getting potential customers to buy your products.

Here’s the unfiltered truth about customer acquisition:

There are way too many people in digital marketing today saying that acquiring new customers, at its peak, is marked by one thing: passive income. 

That with no additional work on your end, new customers will routinely roll in. Forever.

What this doesn’t account for is that if the system that powers customer acquisition is not dialed in, then it will fail.

Like James Clear says in Atomic Habits, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

So if we think about customer acquisition that way, then we can view it as the process of generating new customers for your brand with a targeted strategy, instead of simply hoping they’ll come, or relying on them continuing to come without upkeep and maintenance from your side. 

The real power comes in creating a true customer acquisition machine that efficiently repeats and scales the process of creating new customers. It’s leveraged – not passive – and that distinction makes all the difference.

Today, I’m going to share with you a technique that all but guarantees you repeatedly attract and acquire new customers for your business now, so you can effectively sell to them later.

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The Yellow Brick Road Technique (Customer Acquisition for Small Business Owners and Marketing Leaders)

On January 2, 2023, we launched our own customer acquisition machine to kick off the new year.

By January 11, nine days later, we’d created over 300 new customers from this brand new machine, all of them primed and ready to grow with our community and qualified for our upcoming selling windows and launches.

So, my dears, here are five crucial elements needed to build out a customer acquisition machine and send customers down a “yellow brick road” all the way to your offer!

The 5 Elements of a Customer Acquisition Machine Needed to Build a Yellow Brick Road and Get More Customers

1. Offer: An offer customers can’t ignore
a. Is the offer super clear to potential customers?
b. Is it a proven offer - AKA are people already buying your stuff?
c. Is the perceived value greater than the price?

2. Funnel: The journey a customer takes from stranger, to prospect, to customer

a. Is your top of funnel (TOF) attention grabbing?

b. Do you have a landing page that doubles down on your TOF?

c. If you’re launching a brand new funnel on a new platform - are you overthinking?

3. Message: The reason why people give you their attention, enter your funnel, take the journey, and become your customer

a. Do you have a strong TOF one-liner that relates to your brand point of view?

b. Do you have a sales page that follows copywriting best practices?

c. Do you have an email welcome sequence for new customers?

4.Traffic: The source(s) for getting people into your funnel

a. Do you know where website traffic is coming from, per Google Analytics?

b. What is the average conversion rate for this sales page?

c. Do you have an email list to help validate new offers and messaging?

5. Math: The KPIs and the benchmarks needed to prove this makes economic sense

a. There’s a whole lot to consider here, but it all boils down to being able to understand your marketing math so you can look across your entire business and make critical, informed decisions forever!

Having all the right pieces in place for an effective customer acquisition machine that can work – in the background, all the time – for YOU, is our goal.

The pieces all overlap and build from one to the other, and are ALL necessary for this machine to work at its peak.

It’s what will turn potential customers on to your yellow brick road and make them aware of the perfect offer on the other end of it.

And when lots of people know you and your products and what you offer, lots of people can advocate on your behalf, because they know your message and who needs to hear it most (like the entire population of Munchkin Country singing to Dorothy very specific and enthusiastic instructions for exactly how to get to the Emerald City).

Dorothy, her crew, and her little dog, too, followed the Yellow Brick Road for a LONG time, fighting off all manner of evils en route to see the all-powerful Wizard of Oz. There were obstacles to her making it to the Emerald City, but Dorothy KNEW through it all, she had to find her way back to the Yellow Brick Road because that was THE way to make it to the Wizard, and ultimately, home.

Imagine creating a customer acquisition experience where entire countries sing about where to go to find your products, and customers fight off wicked witches because they resonate so deeply with your brand and offer.

It’s possible!

And here’s the best part. This “road” we’ve been talking about? It can be just ONE road in a system of roads that you can build to send new customers your way, time and time again.

Want us to guide you through getting a true strategy in place – not just short-lived tactics – that makes sense for your unique brand and specific stage of business? We’ll help you build out a system to repeatedly and reliably generate new customers.

You in?


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