A systematic approach to growth that feels good. 🌱Replace overwhelm with a simple, powerful, efficient strategy that cuts through the noise and makes your brand go bananas (in a good way)! 

F* The Algorithm! Workshop

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F* The Algorithm! Workshop

How thousands of brands have grown faster while spending less time and money on social by saying no to chasing the algorithm and yes to real, simple strategy. Use Code SAVE25 for 25% off at checkout.

From The Community

This kind of work can be paralyzing for myself as a business owner who isn't a marketer. This training is amazing at breaking it down into manageable segments. Wow!

Lisa L.

One month in: Reach +763%, Engagement +384%, and we've more than doubled our follower count – without SBS we would not have these kind of results!

Kristen, Founder

My engagement has gone through the roof and my CTR has scaled to match. This resource has been fantastic for growing my business page.


After Strong Brand Social, I shifted from fear to action. Now I have a vision and a plan. If you're a small business owner, this is likely what you need, now more than ever.


Getting caught up on some workbook stuff, and learned that our retail web sales were up 200% in 2020. This is 100% thanks to Strong Brand Social, so thaaaaaaank yoooooou.

Jamison, Small Business Owner

I took the leap here with SBS because Katie is the best mentor I've ever had and I'm so in love with the concept of progressing my business by doing things in the right order! I'm ALL IN!


You understand the needs of small businesses. Few companies look out for us in an honest way. Thank you for offering something so genuine and generous.

Bruno, Founder

SBS has been the push & framework I needed to reset my social media. I now have an authentic voice and an actionable calendar.


Thank you doesn't seem like enough. I already feel grounded and better prepared to move forward with a legitimate, thoughtful and strategic social strategy.


I'm blown away by the quality of the content! I have a clearer vision with actionable steps to follow. Thank you for putting SO much value in a concise, easy to follow way!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I begin?

First, congrats on making the decision to invest in the success of your biz! We're so glad you're here. A great place to start is SBS Express, which is a jam-packed 90-minute crash course you can complete in one sitting. Learn all of our go-to tactics & the SBS methodology, and walk away with an actionable plan to fast track your strategy and dominate your digital marketing in a way that actually *feels good.*

What makes you different from all those other courses?

I’ve been a social media marketer for 13 years, for some of the world’s most beloved brands. I’ve directly consulted thousands of bootstrapping brands between $0 and $1B on their content and social media strategy. I’ll show you the first and only framework for social media marketing that transforms your content pillars from “categories” to brand stories clearly aligned with your most critical business goals!

How long will it take?

Our courses are carefully designed to take the exact amount of hours you already spend on marketing (wildly different for everyone) and make sure that the time is spent on the exact right things for your brand and goals at any given moment. How do we do this, you ask? We'll give you the most powerful time-cutting & waste-reducing tools and resources, helping you conserve your energy for the things that are actually going to drive growth for you and your business. Sound good? Cool. Get started here!

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

Our number one priority is your success and happiness. If you're not 100% satisfied after 14 days, you can have your money back, no questions asked. 

Is this for product-based brands or service?

The origins of our methods are based on consumer product brands, but over the past three years,we've seen our courses successfully applied (hundreds of times) to both product and service based businesses. Inside of each program, there are strategy examples from both product and service based brands. If you want to cut through the noise and grow with your audience using world-class marketing practices, this is the right program for you.