I'm interested in taking one of your courses. Where should I begin?

We recommend that everyone start with Strong Brand Social Express which is available for $87 and was created to help businesses accelerate channel growth, engagement and website traffic. Essentially it looks at all of our go-to tactics for growing social media audiences. We also offer niche courses that hone in on specific topics like partnerships, community management and paid social. We also have offers for more advanced students who are looking for direct support from the SBS team. Take this quiz to fins out what suite of courses will suit your specific needs.

Do your courses support for non-commercial social media - politics, social change, etc?

If you're trying to generate demand or get attention and nurture a community around an idea, then, yes absolutely!

I’m an experienced marketer inside a larger coprorate brand. Can your courses support me and/ my team?

Whether you're an experienced marketer or brand new to the industry, the digital marekting industry is always changing. And it'll will have us all believing that we always need to be onto the next new tactic. At Strong Brand Social we combine the principles of classical marketing and communications, updated & remixed to work for the digital space. Take this quiz to find out which suite of SBS course is best for your and your marketing team.

Will I have access to the course material and videos forever? Or is there a time limit?

Great question! Once you purchase the course you are guaranteed lifetime access to all of the teachings inside the modules, so you can go through the material at your own pace!

I'm unable to access the course?

Sorry you’re having trouble accessing your course. We can help you troubleshoot if you email us over at hello@strongbrandsocial.com and the SBS Community managerment team will be able to help you solve the issue!

What is your experience with building a service/consultant/coach business brand?

We have over 13 years of experience in the field and probably 30% of it is with service and 70% is product based. The examples we use within most of our courses are focused on product businesses, but the concepts and strategies are transferable and applicable across industries.

Is there a way to download the course on my laptop so I’m not dependent on the internet to watch?

You can use the Teachable app for iPhone to save all videos for offline viewing.

I am a Social Media Marketer/ consultant. Would I benefit from your courses?

Being on the front lines, you know as well as we do that your clients are looking for effective and effiecient ways to digital, but you might not alwasy be speaking the same language. At Strong Brand Social, we provide you with frameworks that you can take right to your clients, that will not only give them the effeciency and effectiveness they seek through thier marketing efforts, but provide you with the a common language to better communicate to each other. Take this quiz to find out which suite of SBS course is best for your and your marketing team.


Is there anywhere I can ask questions after I have purchased?

Yes! We have a community of marketers in our Strong Brand Social Facebook group, where our team also sweeps the page 2x times a day to answer any questions students may have about the course. You do need to request to join the group, but all we ask for is an email address.


What if I buy it, and realize it’s not right for me right now?

Our number one priority is your success and happiness. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the any of our courses after 15 days, you can have your money back!

Still have a question for us?