The #1 Thing Holding You Back

The #1 Thing Holding You Back

If you’ve attended one of my free trainings this year and left thinking about how valuable the material was and that you couldn’t wait to implement, how is it going so far, my friend?

Have you made measurable gains? 

Or is it all still living rent-free on your to-do list?

Are you wondering if you should apply to work with us, but haven’t moved on that, either?

This email is not to throw shade. It’s to relieve your stress with the science behind your struggle.

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear summarizes a study conducted by behavioral psychologist, Anne Thorndike, to discover whether environment or willpower has a greater impact on the quality of our choices. The study was designed to improve the eating habits of thousands of staff and visitors at the hospital where she worked.

By adding water bottles to drink stations across the building that had previously been filled only with soda, soda sales decreased by 11.4% (while water sales increased by 26%) in just the first 90 days! They achieved similar results with healthier foods in the cafeteria.

 Not a single person was aware that they were participating in this study, but the results were wildly informative about the impact environment has on our actions. “Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior,” Clear writes. “To change your behavior, change your environment.”

This is an invitation, my friend, to:

    -   Stop spinning your wheels on social media. Trade chaos and reactivity for a strategic, efficient, and powerful plan that’s carefully created to meet your brand where it’s at and get it to the next level.

    -   Align your brand storytelling to awareness, sales, or loyalty. If it’s not driving results, we’re not doing it!

    -   Join an environment that will drastically increase the probability of you making better, growth-driving marketing investments because we show up every single day to move you forward, remove distractions, and accelerate your path to success with better marketing choices every day.

    -   Work directly with me to strategically customize your to-do list to your brand, your goals, and your budget. Allow me to use my experience of what it takes to scale a brand with greater ease to lighten your load and drive measurable success, once and for all.

With this one decision, you’ll architect an enhanced environment that presents you with better choices every single day. This one decision will help you drive measurable growth with greater ease. Only you can make this decision, but once you do, you’ll find my team and I waiting for you on the inside, ready to make everything that follows 10000% easier for you! 

Apply now.

In your corner,


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