You, Zuck, and Sister André:
The Real Threat of
Social Media Marketing

Katie Wight | February 6, 2023

Last month, the world lost the oldest living person. A French woman, Sister André, died at 118 years old after living through two world wars and two pandemics.

What does this have to do with you and me?

"Besides, Sister André told reporters last year, 'Work kept me alive.'" - NY Times

Yeah, I’m a wannabe French woman, but more than anything, I’m a big-hearted entrepreneur who wants to help purpose-driven brands reach their full potential so we can collectively change the world for the better.

Real talk? Work seems like it’s trying to kill me from time to time.

I’m a social media marketer with 13 years in the field and I’ve experienced (and witnessed hundreds of my clients experience) the real threats that social media poses to our mental health.

When you combine the pressures of bootstrapping entrepreneurship and the current conditions of the social media marketing industry, it’s a fast track to burnout – if not clinical depression. If we’re not careful, it threatens everything. Maybe you can relate?

I know you didn’t start your business to spend endless hours chasing trends only to feel like you’re never doing enough.

You didn’t come this far so you could spend more time on social media apps (an activity that simply lines the pockets of the ethically ambiguous – at best – billionaires who own these companies).

You started because, like Sister André, you have a mission, a moral compass, and compassion for your community. You know that reaching more people will improve their lives, increase your positive impact on the world, and leave a meaningful legacy.

And when you do the work you’re actually here to do? You feel energized, just like Sister André! 🤗

Look, the industry is rigged – working harder for influencers, “gurus,” and Mark Zuckerberg than it ever will for you.

But my team and I have proven hundreds of times we can grow a purpose-driven brand’s revenue and profit while helping you reconnect to your humanity so you’re sure to last for the long haul.

We closed private client applications last week, but Sister André and my french joie de vivre inspired me to open up a few more spots this month.

If you want my help creating your personalized, powerful, algorithm-proof, and sustainable content strategy – a zero-waste approach to social media marketing that is guaranteed to measurably grow your brand…