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Strong Brand Social has launched a certification program for The S3 System™ – the only strategic framework in the industry to align content pillars to real business goals for accelerated growth and more measurable marketing. This is the directory of strategist that have passed our rigorous certification program.

One Goal

The closer you are to your social media, the better it will perform. We've certified big hearted agencies to build badass marketing strategies for you using our proprietary S3 System™.

21 Strategist

With more than 100 years of collective marketing experience, we've created powerful frameworks, trainings, and tools that you can use to block out the noise, play your own game, and drive measurable, sustainable brand growth.

The S3 System™

Strong Brand Social has built a Simple, Scaleable and Sustainable framework that leaves trend-chasing tactics behind in favor of powerful, time-tested marketing strategies that will measurably grow your brands!

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There's a lot of BS

You’ve heard you can't grow on instagram without Reels, and that if you’re not on TikTok yet, you’ve missed the boat — have you ever wondered where this shit comes from? Maybe our social media strategy is being jerked around by competition between social media platforms? In 2022, Zuck ponied up billions of dollars to pay content creators to keep his platform competitive. Now, the majority of social media marketing education we see is coming from influencers. 

Founder of Strong Brand Social, Katie Wight, and Social Media Guru, Caitlin Bergin, sitting in armchairs with their laptops in a cozy loft, tossing popcorn into each other's mouth.

There's a better way

It’s fair to say that your education is being funded by these social media platforms indirectly with their own self-interest in mind. We're here to show you a calmer, more efficient way to blowing past your business growth goals with sustainable marketing strategy that's 80% algorithm-proof.