Social Media Marketer Adds Multiple Six Figures of Revenue with One Small Change

Social Media Marketer Adds Multiple Six Figures of Revenue with One Small Change

If you’re a high-performing social media marketing professional doing work for brands, whether you’re trying to grow within an organization or grow your own freelance business here’s what you need to know:

Most people underestimate the value of social media marketing, which leads to a variety of complications, from getting paid well to having to over-explain your thought process along the way

They underestimate the value because they don’t understand

You’re not speaking the same language as leadership, which is why they don’t understand

The day you learn how to communicate your strategy, thought process, and value in the language of leadership is the day that everything changes for you

I was recently speaking to a client who told me they grew a multi-six-figure business around Strong Brand Social’s proprietary framework for content strategy.

She said that as soon as she stopped talking about platforms, follows, likes, comments, and posting schedules…

And started speaking about demand generation, conversion, and loyalty, she couldn’t help but sell with ease (and deliver awesome, measurable results that her clients understand).

A great content strategy is:

A roadmap for how to get a greater return on your client or brand’s content and social investments (which makes you walk the walk of a leader)

A pathway toward a happy, healthy community – which leads to higher customer values and greater profitability

A stakeholder-alignment tool that helps get everyone – from internal employees to content creators, partners, and the entire C-Suite – on the same page about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and the results we expect to see

Can’t wait to share the magic with you at the upcoming workshop. This will be the decision you look back on that changed everything.

See you there!


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