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Think about your wildest dreams and goals for your brand - whether it’s 2 or 3Xing your revenue or committing to creating more ease, joy, and efficiency. If I gave you a chance to make it 95% more likely that you’ll bring that exact vision to life, would you take it?

Research from the American Society of Training and Development shows that when we have accountability in the goals we set, we do exactly that. Better still, when you do something new, the likelihood of you remembering is 5% if you’re learning on your own, and that number grows to 80% with a community-driven, participatory approach. This is what drives the way we deliver support at Strong Brand Social. 

One of the things that we consistently hear from our members is how much they love having a cohort of colleagues they can rely on as their on-call gut check and support system. As solopreneurs and bootstrapping brands, we can often feel like we’re on our own island, lacking trustworthy advice and water cooler camaraderie. This was the case for Bermuda-based jewelry designer Alexandra Mosher before she found Strong Brand Social.

Alexandra is the owner of a successful seven figure brand, retail store, and e-commerce business, but like so many of us, she’s had to adjust her business strategy quite a bit over the past few years through the pandemic and changing market conditions.

Looking for guidance on how to meaningfully find and connect with her customers, she found SBS in 2020 and took allllll the trainings. She started implementing small changes that were having a big impact, both in store and online. She loved the fast-paced, no-BS approach, and empowered by her early wins, she took the leap and joined SBS Club the next year. 



As a small business owner living on a literal island coming out of a pandemic, Alexandra was exhausted and the lackluster social media marketing program hanging over her head was not helping.

👉She was playing CMO, lead email marketer, social media marketer, and product designer.

👉Working overtime and feeling like it was impossible to catch up. 

👉She tried to delegate her content but never liked the outcome.

She was so in the weeds that she was in a ‘just get it done, sell sell sell’ mindset and had lost sight of why she started. When she started doing the work, she realized if she’s going to find and relate to new customers, she needed to reconnect with her WHY and to talk to them about something they care about. 

We focused on getting CLEAR on her POV and messaging before setting up frameworks that allowed for more revenue and ease. Now she’s rebuilding post-pandemic in a way that feels more sustainable, growing in a way that supports her personal wellness and the wellness of the company. In her words, “the work we’re doing with SBS is infiltrating every level of who we are of a business, and who i am as a person.”

I’m thrilled to report that she’s beating her annual growth goals, has more time to spend with her daughter, AND is happier than she ever expected to be. But beyond the success she’s found in her business, being a small business owner in the middle of an ocean, she found it invaluable to connect with the community inside SBS Club for peer support and a sounding board:

“I have felt so supported by the Strong Brand Social community…the kinds of entrepreneurs that are inside Strong Brand Social are exceptional and excited and really want to help…a lot of us are solopreneurs, or don’t have a big network of people, so being in the community lets me ask not only the coaches but other students. Not only are you getting direct feedback on your stuff, you’re with a cohort where you’re learning things from other people because they have a similar question to what you were asking. It's just like this upward spiral of success. I’m in other masterminds, and there’s nothing else like it.”

The value of Strong Brand Social Club goes far beyond building an efficient and effective strategy — it’s about fostering community and creating a super smart and talented support system. You know how you just wish sometimes you could show someone what you’re doing and ask, “Am I doing this right?” We’re here for it EVERY SINGLE DAY. We are supporting brands from early stages to eight figures and beyond. 

When you’re ready to bring your wildest vision to life, we have your back. Apply now to work with us and join the best small business support system on the internet.



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