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World's Best Community Manager

One of the very first hires you’ll make (or jobs you’ll hold) in social media marketing is the community manager. This is the industry's definitive guide to doing it right.

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Increase revenue & profitability with a best-in-class community manager!

Let us train your community manager how to actually sell! Watch the profitability of your social media marketing skyrocket when you activate this overlooked role to deliver so much more.

What You'll Learn

What to do every single day to accelerate the growth and happiness rates of your community

How to to maximize brand exposure through partnership strategy and relationship management

​How to report on social media performance and present growth-driving, brand-boosting insights!

Who You Are

A marketing leader or overwhelmed brand owner looking to train up a scrappy up-and-comer with strong messaging and social skills so YOU can work on your business without being bogged down in it

What You'll Get

Comprehensive training and an exhaustive toolkit to get the greatest return from marketing's most undervalued role

World's Best Community Manager


Comprehensive training to become the world's best community manager, complete with daily checklists, standard operating procedures, and step-by-step tutorials

Community-Building Framework

Learn our agency's proprietary community-building framework to help you grow organically for long-term success.

Daily Duties

The daily responsibilities every world-class community manager should have, including the most detailed and succinct version of our standard operating procedure with checklists that your community manager can work off of to get the job done efficiently.

Super Secret Social Weapon: Personification

How to create a guide that anyone can follow to personify your brand and communicate with your customers in a way that makes them feel so good they start selling for you.

The New Boost

What I do INSTEAD of “Boosting” and how it’s increased engagement by 300-500% across all of my clients’ accounts – make this adjustment today to quit the frustration that comes from nobody seeing your content.

Hashtag How-To

Extend your reach by building a high-performance hashtag strategy that takes just minutes a day to maintain, so your brand becomes more discoverable without spending any more money.

Unlock the exact analytics and reporting process and tools we use inside of our multi-million dollar agency with some of the world's most beloved brands

Report Like a Pro

This exclusive master class will teach you how to create insightful and actionable reports that can inform product development and growth-accelerating brand campaigns.

A time-tested, low-tech, zero-budget way to extend your reach, find new customers, and build meaningful brand growth

Partnership Marketing 101

Discover how effective partnerships are for generating huge audiences made up of real people that are willing and able to buy your products, right now, and for a fraction of the cost of paid ads.

Principles of Efficiency

How to make sure you’re starting in your own unique “right place” for quick wins and immediate impact, because a critical path to ROI is resource-efficiency up front!

Complete Guide to Growth-Driving Giveaways

Set up and execute partnership giveaways that are always going to work, no matter what the algorithm is seemingly favoring right now, and repeat with new partners as often as you like.

The Money-Making Funnel

Convert newly acquired leads from giveaways into paying customers immediately after a giveaway ends, instead of leaving money on the table by simply adding them to your general email list.

The Recipe For Success

The exact pre-process my agency uses to ensure success (ahem, growth) before we ever invest a single minute into any partnership!

Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Implement a step-by-step influencer program to extend the reach of your brand to an ultra-receptive audience, ready to purchase, and how to know if influencers are NOT the right strategic play for your business.

Retailer Partnership Masterclass

Increase sell-through using retail distribution with this blueprint for activating the power of in-person retail to sell more products in front of a new, highly qualified target audience.

Social Copy Swipe Files & Partnership Outreach Templates

Examples of high-performing giveaway posts with varied copy that outline all the necessary details to be communicated with your followers – while still being social. Plus several templates you can use to reach out to potential partners!


We'll do the training. You do the growing.

Meet your instructor

Katie Wight

Social media marketing's voice of reason. Katie has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth.


I can already see the growth!

I've always loved the creative aspects of building my brand through social media but I lacked the know-how when it came to the technical side. Strong Brand Social has given me the knowledge necessary to create a more holistic social media plan that's much more sustainable as a very small brand. I can already see the growth – I highly recommend this amazing team! - KATIE W.


This course is fantastic. I've tried out way too many in the past that just ended up feeling inauthentic and empty, and inevitably useless. Katie and Caitlin are direct, straightforward, and want to help. You actually learn stuff, I mean A LOT, and it's a screaming deal. So glad I clicked the button. - CAROLINE

engagement is through the roof!

My engagement has gone through the roof... And my CTR has scaled to match. This resource has been fantastic at growing my business page. Thanks Strong Brand Social! - GWENNA L.

feel so energized!!

Thank you, thank you, Thank YOU! This was incredibly useful and came at such a good time for us. I felt like I learned so much and feel energized to get back to growing our social presence in a big way. - KRISTEN


Appreciate your help in expanding the horizon for our potential for social media platforms for our organization. The tools provided were helpful in creating a social media plan at a great price. - KYLE W.


I’m finding the courses very different than others I have taken. The other courses were either completely jewelry business focused without enough of the backend or they were too “Tony Robbins” with constant up selling and little transparency. It is such a relief to hear this information presented in a manner that I can absorb and understand. - JANE B


When you see an ad on Instagram, with a picture you immediately relate to and a message that is highly relevant to you, at the exact right time..... you want to learn from the people who know how to do that! Especially if you can tell you are getting a deal. Don't overthink it, just get the course. It's a no brainer!! - ANTJE

highly recommend!!

This was exactly the content I needed! Even though our company has been around a long time (20+ years), the online buying trends and social platforms change all the time. So much value for the cost of the course. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you KW :) - ESTELLE

hands down the best $ I've spent

Hands down the best money I've spent on my business in a long time! Thank you for breathing life back into this very weary social media manager. - BEN

the best customer service

This kind of work can be paralyzing for myself as a business owner who isn't a marketer. This training is amazing at breaking it down into manageable segments. When it seems overwhelming I just keep going, trusting the process and knowing that I can ask questions along the way that will actually be answered. Wow! I appreciate the team approach and value the work of all of you! Thank you, thank you! - LISA L.

World's Best Community Manager

Daily Checklists and Step-by-Step Video Trainings (VALUE $149.00)
Definitive Guide to Exponential Reach (VALUE $75.00)
Communication Style Guide (VALUE $97.00)
Community-Building Framework (VALUE $126.00)
The NEW Boost (VALUE $166.00)
Up-to-Date Growth-Driving Hashtag Strategy Guide (VALUE $149.00)
Report Like a Pro Masterclass (VALUE $266.00)
Partnership Marketing 101 (VALUE $57.00)
Principles of Efficiency (VALUE $37.00)
Complete Guide to Growth-Driving Giveaways (VALUE $77.00)
The Money-Making Funnel (VALUE $39.00)
The Recipe For Success (VALUE $34.00)
Influencer Marketing Masterclass (VALUE $56.00)
Retailer Partnership Masterclass (VALUE $66.00)
Strategic Planner (VALUE $27.00)
Social Copy Swipe Files (VALUE $47.00)
Email Outreach Templates (VALUE $47.00)

Total Value: $1,515.00
Your Price for a Limited Time: $147

14-Day Money Back guarantee 💚

Strong Brand Pact

If this program doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you clarify your content strategy, or save tons of time and money with social media marketing, just email us and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How's this different from the other courses out there?

I’ve been a social media marketer for 13 years, for some of the world’s most beloved brands. I’ve directly consulted thousands of bootstrapping brands between $0 and $1B on their content and social media strategy. I’ll show you the first and only framework for social media marketing that transforms your content pillars from “categories” to brand stories clearly aligned with your most critical business goals!

How do I know if this will work for me?

The strategic frameworks, trainings, templates, and tools you’ll find here have been successfully applied thousands of times to product-based brands (physical and digital), and service-based businesses. Our DNA is decades of experience working with some of the world’s most beloved consumer brands, so if you’re in a B2B sector and wishing to modernize your marketing practices or speak to your community more conversationally, you’re in the right place!

How long will it take?

We’re relentlessly focused on saving you time and money, so the trainings you’ll find here won’t add any extra fluff to your plate. Our materials are thoughtfully engineered to fit right into the hours you’re already investing into marketing – with Strong Brand Social, you simply know you’re spending that time focused on the right things!

What’s included in my purchase?

Trainings are delivered with a mix of video content, PDFs, templates, workbooks, and tools (which come in the format of Google Slides and Google Sheets).

Does Strong Brand Social take on private clients?

We work with clients privately to develop high-performance digital scaling strategies and content roadmaps before we help them efficiently implement world-class marketing programs. We consult on social media marketing, advertising, email marketing, SEO, ecomm, and more. To learn more about becoming a private client, click here.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

If this workshop doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you clarify your content strategy, or save you tons of time and money with social media marketing, just email us and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

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