Essential Photoshoot Kit

Essential Photoshoot Kit

Everything you need to plan and execute a photoshoot that exceeds all expectations! A blueprint to align everyone involved and capture the highest performing content possible to get the biggest bang for your buck! 

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What You'll Learn

How to prepare and dial in all the details surrounding a photoshoot, quickly, so that everyone involved is on the same page, from crew, to creatives, to clients 

How to crank up production value and give epic creative direction for lighting, product styling and overall inspiration for stellar end results

How to maximize your return on investment by planning ahead, staying organized, and remaining flexible enough to adapt when needed to nail any shoot

What You'll Get

The exact shot list template and run of show doc that we’ve honed and perfected after taking on small and massive scale photoshoots across dozens of clients, locations and budgets 

What You'll Need

Whether you have a product or service business, making sure that the people, props, and planning all line up with client expectations is key, and Photoshoot Essentials will make sure you don’t miss a single detail


Make your next photoshoot the best one ever.