10+ Social CTAs to Drive Engagement

10+ Social CTAs to Drive Engagement

You’re posting consistently, but it feels like you’re shouting into the void.

There’s no engagement. Maybe a few likes. Comments are rare — and shares/tags are even more sparse.

Maintaining a social media strategy when you’re hearing crickets is beyond frustrating.

How do we bring it back and generate more results from your social media efforts? It starts with knowing your pillars and knowing which type of social CTA to use when posting.

Engaging CTAs for every stage of your customer’s journey

There are three pillars for your social media content: awareness, sales, and loyalty. This applies to your captions, your CTAs — and is useful for every business, B2C and B2B alike.

These pillars are meant to align with your brand’s most important business goals, e.g. to let people know you exist, get people to buy your shit, and then create a space that fosters lifelong loyalty.

When new clients not seeing engagement on their posts, we usually find that it’s because they’re not leveraging the pillars correctly… and their CTAs just don’t align, either.

Awareness content & CTAs

The first phase of any interaction with someone new on social? Awareness.

The best content to create in this stage is content that’s sharable. The entire goal is to get people in the know. You want them to be aware that a brand like yours exists in the first place.

This content can look like helpful blogs, Reels with tips or mini-tutorials, or even sharing lead magnets. The content is more emotional than analytical because you are trying to appeal to someone who has never interacted with your brand before.

And because people are intrigued enough to share it, it organically extends your reach and accelerates audience growth.

When you create awareness pillar content, use CTA prompts like these to make it more engaging:

  • Share with a friend!
  • Tag a friend ✨
  • Save this post for later and come back when you’re ready for ________
  • Send this to someone who agrees/Send this to someone who needs to hear this

Sharing, comments, saving, etc. all signal to the algorithm that a post is relevant and valuable, thereby boosting it in your new followers’ feeds, as well as driving reach in other places.

Conversion content & CTAs

In the conversion stage, content is a bit more analytical and tactical. Now that they’ve connected with your brand (in the awareness stage), you need to show people how you can solve a challenge they have or help them reach an aspirational goal.

Give them evidence. Give them proof. Show them what makes you different.

This type of content will mostly center your product or service, with the intention of driving more traffic to your website to make sales.

Conversion content can include reviews and testimonials, case studies, infographics, promo for webinars and workshops, carousels with information on your offer, etc. 

You can make conversion content more engaging by using these CTAs:

  • Want results like these? Click here to see how we can help.
  • Grab yours at the link in my bio.
  • Click here to learn more about (product).
  • Questions? DM me! (Directly connecting with and answering the questions can help push people further down that sales funnel.)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you can share a link. On Instagram captions, we all know we can’t directly link to our offers. (Get it together, Mosseri.) When you have a conversion post, make sure to share to Stories with a URL sticker so people can easily jump to your website.

Loyalty content & CTAs

With this pillar content, you want to nurture community and keep people comin’ back for more. People need to see more from brands than a sales strategy. 

If you’re only engaging to sell, your audience will get sick of it, so the balance of the pillars is critical. (I designed it like this specifically and we have over 5+ years of proof that it works.)

In the loyalty pillar, you basically want to encourage conversation and sharing. Connection is a two-way street. And building brand loyalty is crucial — your chances of selling to a loyal customer are 67% higher than selling to a new one.

And now, it comes back to more emotional-based content. Why do we go back? Because stories sell.

Through brand storytelling, you can take people behind the scenes, show them your mission and values, and share content that enhances perceived value. This type of content effectively increases customer lifetime value.

Make loyalty content more engaging by adding…

  • What’s your favorite way to use [product]?
  • What’s your experience? Send me a DM — we’d love to hear from you.
  • What do you want to see more of? Drop a comment or send a DM.
  • Share your story with [your brand].
  • Tag us in your posts with [product] — we’d love to see how you’re using it!

Not only does this help engage current customers/clients, but it gives interested parties (at that awareness stage) a chance to funnel themselves further and further to the point of conversion.

Nothing is a more powerful sales tool than showing someone what others are doing. People want to be part of something, so really showcase your community and have conversations with them here.

Need help knowing what to post?

I’ve shared the three pillars that are the basis of any successful content strategy, and I’ve covered 10+ CTAs you can use to drive engagement. But if you’re not even sure what your captions should be and you’re tired of fluff-posting, we’ve got 101 content prompts to help you out.

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