About The Strategists

Strong Brand Social trains and certifies experienced social media marketers, creators, and consultants in The S3 System™ – the most strategic and powerful growth framework in the content and social media marketing industry.

You Need It

A high-performance content and social strategy that sets your brand apart. From pre-revenue to Fortune 500, The S3 System™ has been proven to accelerate brand growth and reduce operational drag thousands of times across dozens of industries.

You Deserve It

Social media's gold standard for strategic growth balances performance, community, and creative with care. This is the only social strategy in the world that aligns your content investments to your business goals for accelerated growth and marketing that's 100% measurable.

You Can Have It

Purpose-driven brands deserve better from their marketing partners. Our Certified Strategists have engaged in world class training and passed rigorous evaluations to certify their ability to engineer your content strategy, growth plan, and measurement model for systematic success.

Our Strategists

Beth Whiffen

Director & Founder • BWC beth whiffen communications


Laura Hardie

Content Strategist & Copywriter • The Red Barn Writer

Alison Liu

Owner • Narrative Consulting

Jen Nickles

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer • JDS 1 Marketing

Why Choose a strategist?

Turn-Key Content Strategy

After directly consulting thousands of brands, we know one thing for sure: Hiring a social media marketer can be complicated. For one, there are far too many mediocre marketers willing to take your money without delivering results. Not to mention, most brands need to invest in both strategy AND content creation — two different skill sets — but only have budget for one. Working with a certified strategist is the most resource-efficient approach to powerful brand growth. The turnkey nature of The S3 System™ includes a detailed content playbook that replaces your need for a costly full-time in-house strategist and helps you unlock measurable ROI from the content you’re publishing on a weekly basis.

Find Your Fit

Brands have heard too many times: “you can’t really measure ROI on social” and we’ve all wasted far too much time and money on bad marketers who overpromise and underdeliver. We're on a mission to change the social media marketing industry to more powerfully and transparently serve purpose-driven brands. The strategists in this directory have been certified in their capacity to help you make the impact you’re here to make. Each of them has unique experience and areas of expertise that will help you find your best fit.