How to Build the Perfect Social Media Team

How to Build the Perfect Social Media Team

Do you need an all-star team to make your social media strategy work? If you’ve been struggling to see traction online, could hiring more (or more experienced) people be the answer?

Not necessarily.

Hiring for social media is more about setting up your team — whether a new hire or a current employee — for success.

You can have the best, most expert people on your team and you still might not see the results you’re looking for.

Here’s how to build the perfect social media team, regardless of who you hire (or don’t).

Option 1: Train your current team

Most companies want to train their current creative, copywriting, or marketing teams to manage social media. That’s fine, nothing wrong with that.

But how can you do it well?

Set clear goals and have expectations

No one is going to be good at their job if there aren’t clear expectations and actionable goals. This is even more true when you’re shifting job roles to include social media.

When you’re training your current team to take on social media management and/or strategy, it’s important that they know:

  • What success looks like
  • How their new responsibilities blend with (or replace) existing ones
  • Who does what (approvals, design, scheduling, etc.) 

Usually, these performance indicators extend beyond them and into management. You need to make sure your social media team’s managers or overseers are also aware of what success looks like and what steps to follow.

Otherwise, your internal efforts to shift someone to this role are going to flop.

Provide training

If you’re shifting someone into a social media role that they didn’t have before — or have no experience in — you need to train them properly.

At a minimum, your social media team needs to be aware of best practices, brand standards, legal concerns, and approval processes.

It honestly would be best if you could also train them to understand the strategy and execution elements of social media, too.

Because the truth is, social media marketing is a lot more than creating content. Most people don’t realize that there’s a lot of time and effort involved before shit is ever posted.

Our Content Strategy Accelerator covers the strategy element (kind of all in the name) of social media management, so your team can direct themselves.

We also offer a Community Management Training to ensure your existing team knows how to engage with your audience after the strategy is implemented.

Option 2: Hire a new social media manager (or team)

What if your current team is at capacity and you don’t really have anyone to help or fulfill social media responsibilities? You can always hire individual contractors for pieces of the puzzle — like social media management — or hire for individual roles like copywriting, design, scheduling, community engagement, etc. 

Of course, hiring someone new comes with its own set of challenges. You don’t want to hire the wrong folks and end up with a hefty bill ($75k+, on average, for hiring the wrong kind of help).

There are so many elements that could go sideways, whether that’s culture fit, skillset, or something else entirely. It doesn’t really matter. Hiring the wrong people will cost you.

Or… you could hire us. We’ll knock it all out for you — and you won’t have to worry about managing multiple people.

Work with Strong Brand Social

Every month, we open up applications to work with us as a private client. If you want to grab your spot, click here to apply.

How are we different from other social media hires you might make?

  • We learn about your brand and you learn how to receive support from us
  • We give you extra secrets and formulas for crafting your Sharper Point of View so we can set your brand apart and slice through the noise on social
  • We craft your algorithm-proof content strategy – we help you discover your brand’s Pillar 1 (demand generation/awareness), Pillar 2 (conversion/sales), and Pillar 3 (retention/loyalty) stories
  • We offer feedback and perfect ideas for your playbook, saving you all kinds of time
  • We look at your revenue goals and budget and decide on the perfect distribution plan for your brand. For example: what platforms you should be on, in what priority order, or what type of traffic sources you should focus on first, like paid social or SEO, email, etc.
  • We design your unique growth roadmap and set you up with specialists who will help you have a greater impact on your business results in much less time
  • We’re available to you every single day, with many opportunities every single week to talk with us on Zoom

Sounds pretty great, right? It is. Our clients typically see a positive (and exponential) return on their investment within the first 1 to 2 months

Plus we know what we’re doing and have the track record to prove it. Social media is kind of our thing.

Option 3: Do it yourself

Not in the place to hire DFY services? Not sure you have the budget to hire a new team member? Can’t afford to lose your team’s focus on their current priorities? Looks like it’s time to take on social media for yourself.

That’s cool — we’ve got tons of other resources to help you DIY it, including our F* the Algorithm Workshop.

You’ll learn how to create a sustainable social strategy that isn’t at the beck and call of tech CEOs and what they think is best. Instead, you’ll learn what it takes to create content that you know is best, because it all centers around YOUR audience.

Sound like what you need?


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