Social Media Manager vs Community Manager: Which One Do You Need?

Katie Wight | April 8, 2023

In 2023, you can no longer schedule a post and call it a day.

I’d argue that you could never do this and see results, but it’s even more important now.

This is where social media managers and community managers come in — to help increase engagement, navigate what’s working in real-time, drive connections with new followers, and so on.

But these two terms — SMMs and community managers — are often confused with one another. It’s not hard to see why.

They work on similar tasks, their projects overlap, they show up on the same systems, software, and platforms. And while you could have one person who does both, it’s important to know the roles of each to ensure the best results.

So what’s the actual difference between a social media manager and a community manager? Let’s dig into it.

What’s a social media manager?

What’s a community manager?

Which do you hire: SMM or community manager?

Need to hire for both strategy and community?