One shift, 30 days, $250,000 from social media marketer to legitimate business owner

One shift, 30 days, $250,000 from social media marketer to legitimate business owner

In 2017, I took hundreds of “free discovery calls” that never converted to sales. I spent 100 hours on Zoom, hoping I’d finally nail my pitch, only to spend the rest of my day reframing the rejection as earned “stripes” on my way to becoming a legitimate business owner.

At the time, I was a social media marketer with six years of experience at a legendary global action sports brand, followed by a year at a luxury skincare brand, trying to become an independent consultant.

I knew I was great at what I did, but back then, there were no mentors in this space, and I was struggling to communicate the value of my work.

In 2018, I finally closed my first big project for a national snack brand. My pitch for them was the first time I used the framework that would later become known as The S3 System™ for Social Growth.

👉 Instead of talking about likes, follows, and how many times to post per week, I shifted my focus to how their brand could leverage content to generate demand, conversion, and loyalty.

👉 I explained that the best content strategy had three pillars – one that aligned with each of these 👆 key business objectives.

👉 I showed them how, with clear objectives for our social content, we’d be able to easily measure impact and optimize our content for enhanced ROI over time.

My language finally resonated because I spoke in terms of what actually matters to the leadership of a $10m/year brand. Plus, the structure gave me a north star to operate by, measure against, and report on.

This was the biggest contract I’d ever landed, and a few months later, I closed $250,000 of new business in a single 30-day period. This one shift was the most profound of my entire career.

I teach The S3 System™ for Social Growth inside of F* The Algorithm!, a workshop designed to help you and your clients grow faster by wasting less time and money on social media marketing.

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