From Agency Services to Courses: Simple and Scalable

From Agency Services to Courses: Simple and Scalable

By mid-2023, Trena Little had a 3-year-old YouTube agency backed by a career in Marketing and Masters in Business. She had a full roster of clients, but was completely burnt out. When she quit her job to start this agency, it was in pursuit of a more flexible schedule & to spend time with her family — not to work overtime. So, three years after she started her agency, she decided to burn it down — a courageous decision considering it was driving 70% of her revenue. 

She saw some success off the bat selling a course to her email list, but generating demand and converting new customers was another story. She tried a smorgasbord of tactics — lead magnets, paid workshops, free workshops, challenges — swirling in chaos as she looked for the answer. 

And then she joined Strong Brand Social Club and we got to work.

We got crystal clear on her goals — exactly how many new customers she’d need each month to reach her sales targets – and selected the one best thing that would work for her current budget and risk tolerance.  

Within 3 months of implementing the new strategy, she had her most profitable month of the year after burning down her main revenue generator! In Trena’s words: “I’ve gained so much clarity and so much time freedom from working with Strong Brand Social. Now that I understand the path and know what I’m tracking to see, I’m able to stop obsessing and keep moving forward.”

A few months later, with more leads flowing in, she knew that it wasn’t a fluke. She was able to enter 2024 confidently, because she’s clear on what she needs to do. 

“Because I’ve gone through SBS, I really know the numbers I need to hit to be where I want to be with my business. And for where I’m at in my life, it doesn’t need to be this massively scaled business. I want to have the flexibility and time freedom to put creative energy into the videos I create…The relief and stress off my shoulders has been incredible since working with SBS and Katie.”

And the wins keep coming.

This year, instead of falling into the familiar trap of trying to “do it all,” join Trena and commit to doing fewer things, BETTER.

Take a look at your marketing to-do list and ask yourself, “Am I solving the right problem?” If the answer is a resounding YES, that’s amazing — keep going! And if you’re unsure what you should be focused on, you’re not alone. You can receive our support with prioritization, setting up your customer creation machine, and so so much more inside of Strong Brand Social Club!

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