The S3 System™ Accelerator

The S3 System™ Accelerator

Add millions of new revenue efficiently with a growth-driving, profit-padding content & social media strategy that sets your brand apart! This algorithm-proof social media growth system drives powerful, sustainable, and efficient results across every platform.

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The best content strategy is algorithm-proof, efficient, and 100% measurable. Overnight gurus will tell you that’s impossible, but we’ve proven it thousands of times across dozens of industries, from bootstrapping brands to Fortune 500. Now it’s your turn with The S3 System™.

What You'll Learn

How to create a strategy that aligns your content with real business goals for powerful, efficient, and measurable return on investment!

How to craft a brand message that systematically accelerates brand awareness, audience size, sales, and loyalty. 

How to develop a reliable, high-performance content calendar that maximizes efficiency, simplifies collaboration, and halts the day-to-day panic of content scheduling.

How thousands of brands – from bootstrappers to Fortune 500 – have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their revenue from social in the span of 90 days. 

How to deploy one single, powerful, growth-driving content strategy across your full digital footprint for maximum ROI.

Who You Are

A founder or marketing leader who is ready to drive maximum ROI from social media marketing without having to chase trends or do anything that sacrifices your brand image or integrity. You want to remove the guesswork, set your brand apart, and lead your brand with social media's most sustainable, powerful, and efficient growth framework.

What You'll Get

The S3 System™ in depth: The step-by-step proprietary process, tools, worksheets, and tons of examples! Everything you need to create a custom, high-performance content and social media strategy that systematically increases brand awareness, revenue, and profitability.

The S3 System™ Accelerator


Everything you need to create a high-performance content and social media strategy that systematically increases brand awareness, revenue, and profitability with The S3 System™

BFF Targeting Technique

Turn your performance WAY up with our targeting tool that helps you:

  • Create content that cuts through the noise and connects with your people (like one bathing suit brand that grew revenue by 158% in 6 months)!
  • Get to know your audience so you can connect with them emotionally, keep it social, and sell without the sleeze.
  • Know exactly what they need to hear from you to go from stranger to prospect to loyal customer!
The Competitive Launchpad

Attack your market’s open space with our proprietary process and workbook that shows you:

  • Patterns in your competitive landscape and how to break the mold for faster growth (like our jewelry designer client that grew her ecomm sales by 200% year-over-year)!
  • Exactly what to say and do to set your brand apart in a crowded market.
Profitable Point of View

Cut through the noise and command attention with a point of view that's impossible to ignore – the #1 way to stand out in a saturated market!

  • Define your brand’s voice: the driving force behind your messaging to make sure every post packs maximum punch
  • Align your strategy to your target market mindset for accelerated success and profitability (like a local kitchen store that picked up $75k of additional sales in just 8 months)!
Content Pillars

Grow your brand with purpose and power! From here on out, every piece of content will drive a measurable business outcome

  • Remove confusion with your new systematic, growth-driving storytelling strategy
  • Redefine content pillars to align with your most critical business goals
  • Inspire your audience to take action, buy, and refer you to their friends!
The S3 Social Playbook™

Breathe life into your content pillars with your go-to-market social content guidelines!

  • Reduce your content planning time to 15 minutes per month
  • Align your content pillars with the right growth tactics for maximum performance! 
  • Establish your tone of voice and set your brand apart for good
Leader's Guide to Content Planning

Stop wasting time and start marketing like the world’s greatest brands with our simple systems and tools!

  • Proprietary content planning tool that enhances creativity and reduces friction.
  • A full year of content prompts that you can adapt for your brand's unique content pillars!
  • The workflows you'll use to keep all of the moving parts together.
Exponential Growth Roadmap

Increase reach immediately – by 400-1000% – and drive algorithm-proof, sustainable growth.

  • Extend the shelf-life and boost the visibility of every post with our proprietary 3x3 model
  • Accelerate your audience growth, sales, and customer loyalty with our tried-and-true future-proof growth playbook 
8 Principles of High Performance Social Media Creative

Leapfrog your learning curve with every trick of the trade we’ve picked up over 13 years of running social for global, national, and local brands. 

  • Set your brand apart with these scrappy creative tips from the world’s most beloved brands
  • Apply these principles to your brand with case studies and cross-industry examples 
  • Lay the groundwork and build your brand’s legacy with our creative masterclass


Bonus 01

Sample Strategy Vault ⚡

A vault of past client content strategies to help you dream and design your brand's best possible path forward! High quality strategies that have been vetted by the Strong Brand Social team from a dozen different industries.

Bonus 02

Measurement Model & Reporting

Learn how to set measurable outcomes, monitor results, and optimize your marketing performance according to our proprietary measurement model and reporting template!


No looking back. This is gonna change everything.

Meet your instructor

Katie Wight

Social media marketing's voice of reason. Katie has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth.


Seeing immediate results!

6 months after enrolling...Total sales increased 148%, online store sessions increased 12%, online store sessions conversion rate increased 155%, average order value increased by $40, total orders increased 85%. This is all after I implemented all the great recommendations you guys have given us and I couldn't be happier! - MARCIA H.

An exciting, actionable plan

I am so freaking excited for my content plan!! This document is worth so much and makes me feel so legit as a brand and finally get out of the what-to-post-cycle. I've learned so much about my brand over and above what's been in the course content. This kind of work spills over into all aspects and I'm SO glad I'm doing the work. - CHRISTINE

sales up 200%!!!

Getting caught up on some workbook stuff, and learned that our retail web sales were up 200%. This is 100% thanks to Strong Brand Social, so thaaaaaaank yoooooou. - JAMISON

everything SBS promised and more

This course will teach everything it promises, and more. As a business owner I often feel overwhelmed by how much I "should" be doing on social media. The SBS Accelerator course simplified and clarified the path to follow to create my own content strategy so that I can finally level up my digital efforts. - CHARLOTTE

Insane results!

One month in: Reach +763%, Engagement +384%, and we've more than doubled our follower count – without SBS we would not have these kind of results! - KRISTEN


I've been part of the Accelerator for all of 5 minutes and the value I'm getting from it is just insane. Already. The whole concept and delivery is incredible. - JOHN D.

It all finally clicked

I also had a huge ah-ha moment this week. I turned off the recording and the right words for my target just started flowing out of me. Thank you soooo much Katie. You are the first person I have studied marketing from that has made things finally click for me. - SHERI W.

way beyond my expectations

I absolutely recommend the Accelerator without hesitation. I think anyone looking to improve their social media skills and advertising will benefit from this investment. The support from the KW team as well as others taking the course is way beyond my expectations. - SHELLY


Strong Brand Social is an INCREDIBLE offering. I have learned SO much, for a crazy value. They explain everything with such a deep depth of knowledge, and with a genuine enthusiasm born out of their desire to help. I plan on taking each and every course these rad ladies release. - JAMISON R.

pivotal for my rebrand

This has been pivotal for me as I think about my rebrand. I come from an engineering background so I appreciate the framework and efficiency driven technical tools included, and how they tie to the creative process. - VIRGINIA

Clear, actionable steps to follow

I'm blown away by the quality of the content! I have a clearer vision with actionable steps to follow. Thank you for putting SO much value in a concise, easy to follow way! - SABINE O.

your team is amazing

Finally I see all the pieces coming together in my mind. You delivered clear vision, support and community. Thanks for that. Your team is amazing. - JULIANA H.

thank you!

I just want to say thank you... you explain things in a way that I get it. You have no idea how it feels when you finally start getting what the whole point of social media marketing is about. - VALENTINA

stop looking, this is what you need

I've been learning all this sh*t from sooo many people over the years – big gurus, small names, and everything in btw. So far SBS provides the most advanced guidance even a beginner understands. In another place, this would be their $12k-25k a year mastermind. No reason to ever go shop around if you ask me. - EVE K.

loving this program!!

You guys weren't kidding when you said you pack in a lot of knowledge! Thanks for doing such an amazing job. - SUZANNA S.

the best investment I've ever made

You guys show up, you're helpful, you're authentic and loyal, and frankly I would pay double for your classes. - SABLE T

you understand small businesses

You understand the needs of small businesses. Few companies look out for us in an honest way. Thank you for offering something so genuine and generous. - BRUNO

engagement has gone through the roof!

My engagement has gone through the roof and my CTR has scaled to match. This resource has been fantastic for growing my business page. - GWENNA L.

you and your team know your shit

First of all, let me just say that this course has wildly exceeded my expectations! I decided to go for it because I saw how much value you provided in SBS Express and could tell that you + your team know your shit.I also figured you'd have even MORE valuable info to share for the higher price point. - CAL S.

I am so thankful for this guidance

The materials are great!! Lots to learn, understand and navigate, but providing a great framework and guide to cultivate and refine my message and communication mechanics. I am so thankful for this guidance... I would have not known how to implement this without the Accelerator! - GAIL

The S3 System™ Accelerator

✅ BFF Targeting Technique (Value $1,584)

✅ The Competitive Launchpad (Value $1,367)

✅ Profitable Point of View (Value $2,376)

✅ The S3 Content Pillars™ (Value $3,167)

✅ The S3 Social Playbook™ (Value $2,246)

✅ Leaders Guide to Content Planning (Value $1,389)

✅ Algorithm-Proof Growth Roadmap (Value $1,766)

✅ High Performance Creative (Value $1,689)

✅ BONUS Sample Strategies (Value $1,562)

✅ BONUS Measurement Model (Value $879)

Total Value: $18,025.00
Your Price for a Limited Time: $997

10 -Day Money Back guarantee 💚

✨ Strong Brand Pact ✨

If this program doesn’t exceed your expectations and help you clarify your content strategy, just email us within 10 days and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for product-based brands or service?

The origins of our methods are based on consumer product brands. Over the past two years, we've seen The S3 System™ Accelerator successfully applied (hundreds of times) to both product and service based businesses. Inside of this program, there are dozens of strategy examples from both product and service based brands. If you want to cut through the noise and grow with your audience using world-class marketing practices, this is the right program for you.

What if I’ve bought other social media courses that have gotten me nowhere?

Someone else’s one-size-fits-all solution isn’t working for you?Sounds about right. If you want the Michael Jordan version of your social media strategy, you need to play your own game. We'll give you the best framework in the field and time-tested techniques so that you can build your own success machine!

How much time will this take?

We engineer the curriculum to be self paced, so how long is up to you! We are offering 4 Q+As in May to answer any questions you have and keep you moving forward! This is the fastest way to shut out the noise, stop spinning your wheels, and make real progress.

The industry is always changing. Am I going to learn and need to relearn?

NO. Focused strategy wins. Fundamentals win. That’s what we’re teaching. Layering on the latest and greatest tactics is something you can easily do once your content strategy is in place (we teach that, too).

Is this material current to 2024?

Everything is 100% current and applicable to today because we’re teaching you the most important fundamentals to focus on before trends. You can learn how to post a Reel or the latest feature for free, anywhere. If that’s what you’ve been doing and you’re not getting anywhere, The S3 System™ Accelerator is what you’ve been missing.