Social Media Services for Brands, Not Content Creators

Social Media Services for Brands, Not Content Creators

The problem with social media isn’t the overabundance of Reels, a new layout every time you log on, or even the constant algorithm updates. It’s that those updates (and all of the aforementioned features) were designed to serve content creators, not brands.

Think about it…have you ever heard Mosseri mention anyone other than content creators when talking about who new features benefit? No.

The features they’re creating over at Meta HQ aren’t for you. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It’s definitely still possible to grow on social media — and without jumping through hoops to make it happen.

You just need to know how to think of social media services, and use them, like a brand, not a content creator.

Why does it matter?

Couldn’t you just post what’s on trend and grow that way? Maybe. It could happen if you’re talking about follower growth. Get in the right place, at the right time, with the right audio, and you go viral and gain a bunch of new followers.

But are those new followers going to buy from you? Do they care what you have to say? Or are they there to just see more of the content you created?

Leveraging social media takes so much more than hopping on trends. In fact, most of the trends aren’t for you.

If you’re not thinking about social media strategically, you end up with a feed full of disjointed content that almost never translates to ROI.

But to understand how you can use social media as a business/brand, and excel at it, you need to know why approaching it this way matters. And why it’s so different than trying to use it as a content creator.

Brands are focused outward, content creators are focused inward

Brands are online to connect, engage, and learn more about their audience. Content creators typically are not. Instead, they are there to post what they want, when they want, in the hope of gaining followers to promote or boost partnership sales.

Don’t hear what we’re not saying — this isn’t necessarily negative. Content creators are not selfish in doing so. It’s just a different way to do business and make money. Just like when we’re talking about social media marketing vs. email marketing. One is better than the other - they each have strengths and weakness (and different opportunities).

Brands, however, can take social media and run with it by using it as a research tool. Through posting, they can discover what resonates with their audience and what doesn’t. Or tap into the buzz and figure out what people are really asking for.

The business model is different

Brands and content creators also have different business models. Content creators are usually promoting other brands, products, etc. for affiliate commission. They’re using their platform as a part of that brand’s marketing strategy.

In other words, they’re doing the advertising for other people.

With a brand, however, you’re using social media services to promote your own products and services. You have a little more room to tell your brand story, take people behind the scenes, and go in-depth with what you’re serving up online.

Content creators are great at advertising, but it’s hard to use them to build connections because that’s something only the brand itself can do.

Brands are more anchored in mission than personality

And with content creators, it’s the opposite. Again, it’s not that one is better than the other, it’s just different, hence why the two should be approaching social media services in different ways.

Content creators are just one person — so their entire business runs on what that one person does, says, acts, the general vibe they are putting out there.

Brands, however, are made up of several people that make the show run — founder, employees, and even the audience. And they’re all united through a mission, which runs through every piece of content a brand creates.

Content creators showcase their personalities, brands showcase their missions.

You should be working with content creators

Content creators can actually be a helpful part of boosting a brand’s social media efforts. Remember, content creators work for brands, promoting their products and services…so why not yours?

It’s a great way to stay on trend, reach new people, and work with Meta’s content-creator-focused algorithm.

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