How to (Actually) Leverage

Social Media Algorithms in 2023

Katie Wight | April 1, 2023

Chase trends. Show up everywhere, multiple times a day. Try to keep up with the algorithm just to be seen.

Sound like your day-to-day on social media? You’re not alone.

It’s exhausting. It’s expensive. And honestly? NOT a good social media marketing tactic in 2023.

These algorithms are not working in our favor.

They cater to the actual platforms, not the people, brands, or businesses that use them. Companies like Meta want us to keep consuming content on their platform, which is why the algorithm is the way it is.

And yet we’re told that we have to play into the algos to be seen, to grow our reach, to build community. We’re shown the new features and we hear rumblings that “Instagram is prioritizing video — no, photo! — no, video” we have no clue what’s actually happening anymore.

The majority of content education (and information about the algorithm) we see comes from Meta-paid influencers who are being paid (indirectly) by, you guessed it…Zuck himself.

Which is bullshit — because most of these “algorithm hacks” aren’t working for businesses in 2023.

The bad news? Using the latest features, posting three times a day, or keyword jamming your alt text and captions won’t get you the results you actually want in 2023 (or any year).

The good news? Showcasing your brand, the lifestyle it offers, and sharing real deep value that appeals to your audience will get you the results you want. Even in 2023 when it feels like the algo is out to get you.

Let’s talk about 2023 social media algorithms and why what we hear about them isn’t actually what we need to know about them. 

Exposing the algo for what it is

The algorithm is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Those “new releases” aren’t even part of the true algorithm

You know what’s best for you and your business