3 Keys for Better ROI ⚡

Katie Wight | May 5, 2023

#1 Content Pillars

If you define content pillars as “themes” or “categories” for your content, you’re setting yourself up for failure and confusion. Yes I know—this is the industry’s standard for organizing your content strategy. Is it surprising that the marketing industry misleads you?

Instead, we need to align our pillars to very specific business objectives. My favorites are demand generation (aka awareness) demand conversion (aka sales) and loyalty (which increases your profitability as a brand).

When you design your content strategy like this, your entire marketing program becomes measurable at its core because you are clear on the intention of every single content investment you make.

#2 Benchmarking

“I’ll get you a 10x ROI on your ad spend!” “2x sucks!” “Actually, you’re just trying to break even here to liquidate your ad costs!”

If you’re an intelligent founder or marketer, you’re likely searching for benchmarks—or in other words, industry-accepted rules—to help govern decision-making around your marketing budget. What is “good?” and how do you know if you’re doing things well? I guess it’s easier for the industry to offer you “golden rules” than to teach you how to generate real benchmarks for your brand…

# 3 For Maximum ROI, Think for Yourself