How to delegate your social media ⚡

Katie Wight | September 12, 2023

This email is for anyone who’s struggled to delegate their content and social media marketing.

You’ve spent somewhere between $1,000 and $100,000 on a social media marketer or agency, only to end up firing them without much to show for it.

First off — no shame, you’re not alone. This is one of the largest pockets of waste in the social media marketing industry that nobody speaks about because it’s a complex problem to solve. There’s social strategy, creative direction, delegation, project management, people management, leadership, and feedback — all rolled into one lil challenge that most of us like to underestimate. But I just had a massive win that I want to share with you because you can get it, too.

I’m currently hiring for a content creator/social media marketer. I’m in the interview phase, and I briefed one of the candidates on a paid test project. My expectations were low — not because I had any lack of faith in this creator, but because most of the time when any of us try to delegate this work there’s a steep learning curve. This person had never once made content for our brand and I had spoken with her for a total of 30 minutes.

After our interview, here’s how our follow-up exchange went:

Me: “Attached to this email you’ll find our content strategy and social media playbook. Please produce a mix of social media posts that would make sense for our audience to go live around Mid-Late September. Three Pillar 1 posts, two Pillar 2 posts, and one Pillar 3 post. How does a due date of a week sound?”

Her: "This is perfect, thanks!"

She sent the content through on time and I reviewed it yesterday.

When I tell you that I will use 100% of the content she submitted for this TEST project. I am absolutely delighted.

There are 2 things happening here.

→ First: Props to this creator. The content she delivered made it clear that she’s talented, she read our playbook thoroughly, she was thoughtful about what she produced, and she closely reviewed the copy before submission. You can’t teach this, and I wish more marketers were as thorough as this.

→ Second: The playbook I handed her set her up for success. Many brands end up firing great content creators like her because the social marketer couldn’t read their minds. I could tell exactly where each piece of content she submitted came from, and it was so fun to see new, fresh angles of content that were still 100% in line with our brand point of view and positioning.

If this speaks to you, I want to make sure you know that we can help you achieve exactly this: Great content, successful delegation, and a social media game that clearly and consistently drives revenue growth. If you need measurable brand growth, tangible ROI and confidence that you can eventually delegate this work for good, do not miss the chance to join us at our next live workshop F* The Algorithm!