While Doing Better by Your People!

Katie Wight | October 9, 2022

Raise your hand if even *thinking* about holiday planning is just one more thing you know you don’t have time for. 🙋🏽‍♀️

Hot tip tho: The world’s most beloved brands use the same 24 hours of the day.

There’s one big difference.

They have more people working for them, so they can move bigger mountains in any given week.

In 2010 I was managing social media for one of the world’s biggest action sports brands. Then in 2016 I was leading content for a luxury skincare brand. And since 2017, I’ve consulted hundreds of brands – from scrappy mom-and-pops, to scaling CPGs, to more global action sports brands and billion-dollar beauty companies.

I have some first-hand great news for you!

The people who get paid the big bucks at the world’s most beloved brands are responsible for sales (and the biggest contributor to sales is storytelling). They’re the ones at the company that know the market, product, and customer better than anyone else.

Their teams solve problems like:

          - Documenting the plan
          - Communicating the plan in a way that makes it easy for teammates to collaborate
          - Planning content that carries out the message
          - Making sure all the content knows where to go and is cut to the right dimensions  
          - You get the idea…

So, here’s what me and my team designed for you inside of Holiday Hero: Your Q4 Sales Success Kit:

          - A holiday campaign creator that’ll tap into your brain to extract your best-kept secrets about your product, market, and customer so that you can quickly create a holiday message your customers will love
          - All the other stuff workhorses usually do (content calendars, performance enhancements, publishing plan) so that you can claim the same competitive advantage enjoyed by the brands you love most

If you have a small team – they need this from you, and they will go crazy for the tools we provide to make their jobs easier.

If it’s just you – you need this so that you can get organized around a story you feel proud to tell, know that you’re capturing every last dollar, and enjoy the season with your community.

Gift yourself the blueprint to your brand’s biggest quarter without spending more time on marketing.

In your corner,