Multi-Billion Dollar Company
Energizes Content Department
with Social Media Marketing’s
Most Effective Framework

Katie Wight | January 26, 2024

Social media marketing is the only professional field I know of where you’ll find a manager-level employee’s work being observed daily by the CEO. And since great social media content looks effortless, there’s a lack of understanding about the resources we need and the rationale behind most of what we do.

Social media marketers and the C-Suite speak different languages, and it causes all kinds of operational waste and missed opportunities.

A great content strategy is:

    •     A roadmap for how to get a greater return on your content and social investments
    •     A pathway toward a happy, healthy community
    •     A stakeholder-alignment tool that helps get everyone – from internal employees to content creators, partners, and the entire C-Suite – on the same page about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and the results we expect to see

I recently had the opportunity to present our proprietary framework and process for content and social strategy to an 80-brand organization. 80 brands. Can you imagine trying to wrangle and make sense of all of the moving parts of social across 80 brands at once?

The head of social media was looking for a way to establish corporate governance and standardize their approach to social media for a better return on investment and enhanced stakeholder management.

    •     I showed them how to take their content pillars and make one small tweak to align them to executive-level priorities (demand generation, conversion, and loyalty).                    
    •     Among many other things, this will help the CMO understand why we need to post that trending meme ASAP.
    •     We looked at how that one tiny tweak meant an opportunity to align all teams – from social, to digital advertising, email, and SEO – around the same content strategy for maximum return on investment (due to a more cohesive customer journey).
    •     I showed them how to measure the performance of each post differently, depending on the business objective.

After the session, the VP of Marketing shared that her team felt energized and motivated, with many employees thanking her for the session and one team member saying that was the “most consumable and easy-to-understand framework they had seen on content strategy.”