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Katie Wight | August 24, 2023

You know that social media can accelerate the growth of your brand and help you achieve the goals you have, but you’re NOT here to be yanked around, play games, or be told that it’s “impossible to measure ROI from social media” — especially if that’s coming from an agency or social team touting a $50k price tag to lead your business down a road to nowhere.

You want to achieve real, measurable results – preferably while you spend less time and money on marketing. You want to be as efficient as possible and slice through the noise on social. You want to build the strongest possible foundation for your brand with one cohesive content strategy across your entire digital footprint to support the customer journey for max performance and ROI!

If you’re nodding your head, we’re SO excited to announce the launch of the S3 Playbook Maker! This is the best program we've ever created for brands to create (and implement!) an ROI-boosting, efficiency-enhancing, sustainable, growth-driving social media content playbook, quickly and painlessly.

The S3 Playbook Maker

Why The Playbook?

I founded my agency in 2017 after 9 years in corporate creative marketing, content, and social where I observed all kinds of inefficiency issues from the inside.

  → Wasted time and money from a lack of consensus around content strategy

  → SEO, Social, Email, PR working off their own channel strategies moving in different directions

  → The opportunity cost of never achieving peak performance because you can’t get everyone aligned around the same strategy for max momentum

For my first big client, I developed a content strategy and social media roadmap that connected the dots between their business strategy (and goals), the brand strategy (positioning) and how that looks coming to life in a meaningful way on social (daily). Around the same time, I was speaking with a lot of founders of “small businesses” – local retail shops and ecommerce companies generating several million per year. Companies with a proven product and sales mix, a small team, and ambition – ready to bite off what’s next.

"Who is the right person to hire?"

I’d get this question a lot when talking about their social media marketing problems. Based on the typical budget for a company of this size, there’s one, multi-layered problem that comes up over and over again:

  → Those who can create a great strategy based on years of relevant experience typically do not want to be at the helm of a social media account, publishing daily content and community managing. It’s below their pay grade and after years of overdosing on the internet, they’re over it.

  → The folks who want to manage your social day-to-day are the ones within your budget: eager content creators and up-and-coming social media marketers. But they probably don’t have the experience to draft a strategy that's sure to maximize your performance and ROI

From 2017 to 2021, when a business didn’t have $100,00 for a strategic marketing hire, they’d invest in a project with me where I’d develop a “turnkey” content strategy. TURNKEY is one of the ways that my strategic framework was different from any other. It means that my strategy work goes beyond strategy, and what you’re left with is a roadmap that’s so detailed, anyone can execute it. It’s a strategy, training, and succession plan all in one.

We’ve worked with thousands of brands, applying this framework to dozens of industries along the way, continuously evolving and refining this process to perfection. This year, we figured out how to improve the quality of work, equip brands with the skillset to execute for the long haul (saving hundreds of thousands of future dollars of testing and learning with various team members) – and reduce the investment by 80%.

I’ve talked to SO many brands that struggle with bridging the gap between their budget and the real business results they need to achieve with their marketing. The S3 Playbook Maker is the final answer to fill in that gap.

  → You get the framework and hands-on support applying it to your brand.

  → Daily guidance and support for all things strategy and operations as you implement your strategy

  → Private audits, 1:1 feedback, and live calls with the coaches on our team

And because it's such a critical time to get your Q4 game face on (remember, a go-to-market plan with this type of powerful strategy behind it will far exceed your run of the mill "holiday marketing plan") we're offering, big incentives ($6,000 value) to join us before September 15th.

This is the most valuable offer we've ever had and this will be the lowest price we can ever offer because we're looking for hungry brands that want to join forces to prove what's possible with our system.

Ready to give your brand exactly what it needs to thrive, for good?