The Playbook: Your Path to Profitable
Content & Social Media Marketing

Katie Wight | August 29, 2023

“I hired someone to do my social media, but it was a total disaster.”

Social is one of the first things brands want to outsource, but it never seems to go as planned. We spend all of this time and money finding, hiring, and training, only to be left disappointed. Is there something we can do differently as leaders to improve the likelihood of success?

Imagine if you had a detailed playbook for what your digital marketing should achieve, how it will achieve it, specific examples of what successful content looks like for your brand, and measurable outcomes that anyone you hire is responsible for meeting.

Can you maybe just read that again? 👆I really want you to imagine it.

The biggest difference between Strong Brand Social’s approach to content strategy and our competition is THE PLAYBOOK.

The Playbook is a “turnkey” roadmap for your content strategy.

The Playbook spells out exactly how your pillars – designed to support demand generation, demand conversion, and retention – will come to life holistically across your entire digital footprint for the best possible customer experience (which will drive enhanced business results systematically).

The Playbook ensures incredible results that last far beyond the tenure of any individual team member and that great results never depend on you.

Step 1: Align your content strategy to your business goals:

→ Pillar one content supports demand generation. On social, this means shareable content designed to achieve extended reach.

→ Pillar two content supports demand conversion. On social, it’s designed to drive website traffic or add to carts right off of a social platform by promoting your product or offers.

→ Pillar three content is designed to support retention of your customers. On social, this content shows the behind-the-scenes of the brand to engage your community on a personal level.

Step 2: Apply the same principles to other aspects of your digital marketing:

→ Email: Most of your email content will be Pillar 2 since this is most often the best channel to drive revenue. “Newsletters” can feel a bit more Pillar 3.

→ Search marketing: Pillar 1 content is where you use general keywords, Pillar 2 is where you use brand or product-specific keywords and Pillar 3 is where you use long tail keywords to effectively facilitate their journey. Now that your content strategy is uniting both your social and your search, you’ll be able to use keyword research to inform some of your social concepts and social listening to inform some of your website content!

The Playbook contains a “roadmap” for each pillar.