The Secret to Paid Social Ads in 2023

Katie Wight | July 6, 2023

In 2023, paid ads are anything but a simple addition to your marketing strategy. With all the updates to Facebook and Instagram, a steep shift to pay-to-play content, and daily algorithm changes, social ads end up feeling… pretty pointless.

Not to mention expensive.

The truth is: Ads have changed and so have the way we’ve consumed them. But change isn’t always bad.

No, using ads in lieu of an organic social media strategy for a launch won’t work like it did in 2015. But paid social ads can move your business forward in 2023. How? I dig into that here. First, though, it helps to have some background on how ads have changed.

Paid social ads after 2021: What happened?

Paid social ads in 2023: How to see ROAS

With decreased tracking and reporting abilities and increased costs, it might feel like ads aren’t worth it anymore. And in many cases, that may be true.

For example, putting ad spend behind an unvetted offer? That’s not going to work.

Ads pushing a cold audience to a high-ticket offer? Also not going to work.

What is working though? Focusing on value, and understanding the different needs of a cold, warm, and hot audience.

Understanding your audience

Once someone clicks an ad, retargeting ads are great for moving them further along your sales funnel.

It’s a marketing tale as old as time: A cold lead downloads a guide, then they are retargeted into promotions for a low-cost offer, then they’re retargeted into a high-ticket offer.

But this tale as old as time has changed for a modern social landscape. For this to work, you have to have your funnels organized and optimized — and you have to think about how you’re engaging your audience beyond ads alone.

With iOS 14, it may be hard to attribute a sale to an ad. However, if you capture a cold lead’s email, you can absolutely attribute a sale to the sequence emails they receive. An email conversion tells us that your first point of contact, your ad, is working. And so is the rest of your funnel.

But the important thing to note here is that an ads-only strategy is no longer going to work. With tracking and reporting changes, brands need to approach ad leads with a relationship-nurturing mindset.