You’re F***ing Up Your Social Media Metrics. Here’s How

Katie Wight | April 5, 2023

Your social media content isn’t working — and it has nothing to do with your content at all.

It could be because you’re looking at the wrong numbers, the wrong social media metrics.

In a world where vanity metrics (followers, subscribers, likes, etc.) are plaguing every social media platform and marketing strategy, we as business owners have to be savvier.

In theory, you know that social media has little to do with looking good and more to do with making money from it. But it’s still easy to get derailed by the good-looking stuff.

Social media is a tool to help you reach those business goals. But your posts don’t mean anything if you aren’t tracking the right numbers. So which social media metrics should you really pay attention to, and which can you kick to the curb? Let’s look into it.

The wrong social media metrics to track

What’s your goal?

Your goals advise your content

Adapting your social media metrics over time

Of course, if you also add paid social media marketing in the mix, you’ll want to track your cost per click, click-through rate, and more.

The algorithm vs. your best-laid social plans

You’ll get the lowdown on the first and only framework for social media marketing that transforms your content pillars from “categories” to brand stories clearly aligned with your most critical business goals!

You’ll also leave with a better understanding of how your social media plan can adapt to ever-changing algos without throwing everything out the window as soon as a new feature is released.

Ready to learn the last content and social media framework your brand will ever need?