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World's Best Community Manager

One of the very first hires you’ll make (or jobs you’ll hold) in social media marketing is the community manager. This is the industry's definitive guide to doing it right.

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What You'll Learn

What to do every single day to accelerate the growth + happiness rates of your community

How to to maximize brand exposure through partnership strategy and relationship management

​How to report on social media performance and present growth-driving, brand-boosting insights!

What You'll Get

Comprehensive training and exhaustive toolkit to get the greatest return from marketing's most undervalued role

What You'll Need

An appetite for excellence and a small obsession with delivering a delightful customer experience

Course Syllabus

1. Complete Guide

Comprehensive training to become the world's best community manager, complete with daily checklists, standard operating procedures, and step-by-step tutorials

2. Comment Section

How to create a guide that anyone can follow to personify your brand and communicate with your customers in a way that makes them feel so good they start selling for you

3. Partnership Playbook

How to create a growth-driving partnership and relationship marketing strategy that cultivate a ride-or-die community that loves to talk about your brand and products

4. Hashtag How-To

Extend your reach by building a high-performance hashtag strategy that takes just minutes a day to maintain, so that your brand becomes more discoverable without spending any more money

5. Report Like a Pro

How to create insightful and actionable reports that can inform product development and growth-accelerating brand campaigns

6. So Much More

Immediate, on-demand, and life-time access to the training, tutorials, and tools described (and a whole lot more we can’t fit in these boxes)! Community support ❤️ and a 14-day money-back guarantee

Meet your instructor

Katie Wight

As the founder of Strong Brand Social, Katie has helped thousands of purpose-led brands unlock life changing business growth with drama-free digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth 


We'll do the training. You do the growing.

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