How to Build the Perfect Social Media Team

Katie Wight | June 16, 2023

Do you need an all-star team to make your social media strategy work? If you’ve been struggling to see traction online, could hiring more (or more experienced) people be the answer?

Not necessarily.

Hiring for social media is more about setting up your team — whether a new hire or a current employee — for success.

You can have the best, most expert people on your team and you still might not see the results you’re looking for.

Here’s how to build the perfect social media team, regardless of who you hire (or don’t).

Option 1: Train your current team

Set clear goals and have expectations

No one is going to be good at their job if there aren’t clear expectations and actionable goals. This is even more true when you’re shifting job roles to include social media.

When you’re training your current team to take on social media management and/or strategy, it’s important that they know:

● What success looks like
● How their new responsibilities blend with (or replace) existing ones
● Who does what (approvals, design, scheduling, etc.)

Usually, these performance indicators extend beyond them and into management. You need to make sure your social media team’s managers or overseers are also aware of what success looks like and what steps to follow.

Otherwise, your internal efforts to shift someone to this role are going to flop.

Provide training

Option 2: Hire a new social media manager (or team)

Work with Strong Brand Social

Option 3: Do it yourself