Partnership Playbook

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Partnership Playbook

How to find new customers (and help them fall in love with you!) with timeless and algorithm-proof growth strategies adapted to modern marketing.

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What You'll Learn

How to get in front of big, new audiences that are your ideal customer with minimal effort for maximum return 

How to convert buyers inside newly acquired audiences to maximize sales, capitalize on increased reach, and sell way more

How to tangibly measure successful partnership campaigns so that you can run them bigger and better next time, and as a part of every partnership moving forward

What You'll Get

A playbook on how to run a kick ass partnership marketing strategy to drive customer acquisition that’s proven, reliable and repeatable for the long term and won’t leave you throwing money at half baked tactics with no results to back it up

What You'll Need

To know your brand persona and your ideal client and an appetite for efficient and effective growth strategies no matter the size of your brand

Course Syllabus

1. Partnership Marketing 101

Discover how effective partnerships are for generating huge audiences made up of real people that are willing and able to buy your products, right now, and for a fraction of the cost of paid ads

2. The Complete Guide to Growth-Driving Giveaways

Set up and execute partnership giveaways that are always going to work, no matter what the algorithm is seemingly favoring right now, and repeat with new partners as often as you like

3. The Money Making Funnel

Convert newly acquired leads from giveaways into paying customers immediately after a giveaway ends, instead of leaving money on the table by simply adding them to your general email list

4. Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Implement a step-by-step influencer program to extend the reach of your brand to an ultra-receptive audience, ready to purchase, and how to know if influencers are NOT the right strategic play for your business

5. Retailer Partnership Masterclass

Increase sell-through using retail distribution with this blueprint for activating the power of in-person retail to sell more products in front of a new, highly qualified target audience

6. So Much More

Immediate, on-demand, and life-time access to the training, tutorials, and tools described (and a whole lot more we can’t fit in these boxes)! Community support ❤️ and a 14-day money-back guarantee

Meet your instructor

Katie Wight

Social media marketing's voice of reason. Our founder has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth.


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Insights: Post Reach: +763%, Engagements: +384%, New Page Likes: +1300%! Using the "new boost," we more than doubled our follower count!

Kirsten S.

I'm drinking the kool-aid and leaning ALL the way into the SBS Fan club. But in all seriousness – I just want you to know how much you've transformed my life (not to be extra, but it's true).

Sable T.

This kind of work can be paralyzing for myself as a business owner who isn't a marketer. This amazing at breaking it down into manageable segments.

Lisa L.

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