Strong Brand Social Express

Strong Brand Social Express

Beat every algorithm update and platform change with the internet's #1 guide to high-performance and holistic social media marketing. 🌟

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Measurable, algorithm-proof social strategy

The original Strong Brand Social course taken by 15,000+ big-hearted brands, from pre-revenue startups to Fortune 500s to catapult quick, measurable brand growth.

What You'll Learn

How to beat every platform update and algorithm change with a powerful, sustainable, efficient social media strategy

How to win with a quality-over-quantity approach to your social media marketing that actually *feels good* for your brand

How to dramatically improve your social media marketing results without doing anything you don’t want to do ⚡

Who You Are

You have a big-hearted brand, a great message, and a proven offer – but you're tired of social media tactics that keep you chasing your tail. You're ready to stop dancing for Reels and start playing your own game with a content and social media strategy that moves the needle NOW.

What You'll Get

The Internet’s most illuminating and clarifying 90-minute crash course on high-performance social media marketing and a comprehensive workbook to help you fast track your strategy.

Strong Brand Social Express

SYLLABUS for strong brands

The Three Types of Content

If you want to guarantee long-term success – and learn exactly how to prioritize in the short-term – these are the three types of content you absolutely need to plan for.

The Nine Critical Elements of Success

Achieve world-class growth rates with the right audiences – with tons of examples so that you can stop guessing, for good!

The SBS Channel Guide

How to create a channel-specific strategy that gets the right message in the right place without wasting resources.

100 Creative Content Prompts For Product Businesses

Use these to grow, engage, and sell while saving HOURS of guesswork.

My Secret Social Weapon

The #1 overlooked lever for exceptional social media that drives invaluable community engagement and how to use it to create a community that sells for you.

The Paid Social Roadmap

What to expect from paid social for product businesses:

  • Exactly how I use social to drive crazy amounts of traffic
  • The two things I always do to grow an Instagram account faster
  • How to build a paid social budget that aligns with your business goals so that you can go forth and dominate
Secret Traffic-Driving Principle

This one thing drives better-than-benchmark click through rates on my social ads 100% of the time (the industry benchmark is 1% and our 2020 client average was 7.69%).

The Measurement Model

My agency's dynamic, proprietary tool that will show you “if it’s working” and what success looks like on Instagram, Facebook, blog and paid social.

The New Boost

What I do INSTEAD of “Boosting” and how it’s increased engagement by 300-500% across all of my clients’ accounts – make this adjustment today to quit the frustration that comes from nobody seeing your content.

Bonus Material ⚡️

Bonus 01

The Zero Waste Social System Master Class

Exclusive access to Katie's master class on how to use content pillars the right way to drive measurable growth, increase brand equity, and feel freaking awesome about all the time and energy you're saving!

Bonus 02

iOS Updates & Implications

The "Cliffs Notes" version of WTH happened, why the changes were made, how they affect you, and what you can do to adapt. Plus lots of campaign examples that work in this new landscape!

Bonus 03

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for More Organic Traffic

Learn how to diversify your traffic sources and efficiently boost organic website traffic with these 5 easy insider tips.

Bonus 04

Non Profit and End-of-Year Giving Interview

Bonus interview with the gifted fundraising and marketing devotee, Jamie Ong-Goldring! Tune in as we examine how fundraising strategy intersects with modern marketing:

  • How to curate the donor journey to meet donors where they are
  • Messaging cadence and personalization
  • The effectiveness of Giving Days
  • And more!

No looking back. This is gonna change everything.

Meet your instructor

Katie Wight

Social media marketing's voice of reason. Katie has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth.


Sales up 200%!!

Getting caught up on some workbook stuff, and learned that our retail web sales were up 200% in 2020. This is 100% thanks to Strong Brand Social, so thaaaaaaank yoooooou. - JAMISON

WOW. Just wow.

Just finished Strong Brand Social Express.... THIS COURSE IS INCREDIBLE. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. - JEFF S.

blown away by the quality of content

Just went through the course and I'm blown away by the quality of the content! I now have a clearer vision on what I need to do to grow my business with actionable steps to do so. - SABINE O.

Engagement is up 1233%!

I have now run my second "new boost" and my IG likes went from approximately 15 per post (my IG is really new) to over 200 for the 1st and over 300 (and counting) for the second. Additionally, along with the second new boost IG likes, I have received 226 (and counting) likes of the post on FB. All good news. - FRED M.

the content prompts alone are worth it

I'm loving this program. You guys weren't kidding when you said you pack in a lot of knowledge! Just the content prompts alone are worth it. Thanks for doing such an amazing job. - SUZANNE S.

the best investment

Hands down the best money I've spent on my business in a long time! Thank you for breathing life back into this very weary social media manager. - BEN

thank you

You understand the needs of small businesses. Few companies look out for us in an honest way. Thank you for offering something so genuine and generous. - BRUNO

worth every penny

This course has been worth every single penny and I'm only halfway through! I'm always a little skeptical about purchasing online courses because most people don't have anything to say worth listening to 😬. That hasn't been the case with this! The 100 content prompts is a lifesaver. I can't wait to finish the course and see the results! - CAMERON S.

i was promoted because of what I learned here

Thank you for your amazing engagement and content you share with us. I am learning so much from you and grateful I dipped into my pocket to buy your course. I was employed as an admin person last year and today I have been promoted to Social Media and New Business Manager after assisting in generating a million (rands) in new business in the last (covid!) months! Much of my success, confidence and new skill can be attributed to you and your team. I look forward to continuing on my journey with you guys as I have a helluva lot to learn (and live up to!) in the future. - MEL B.

the best customer service

I'm just blown away by the personal attention of this training. Thank you SO MUCH for these helpful suggestions. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to take in everyone's information and then give such in depth and insightful comments. I am so grateful for it! This kind of work can be paralyzing as a business owner who isn't a marketer. This training (I've done a few) is amazing at breaking it down into manageable segments and then giving the personal attention to keep going. Whenever it seems overwhelming I just keep going, trusting the process and knowing that I can ask questions that will actually be answered. Wow! I also appreciate the team approach and value the work of all of you! - LISA L.

To small business owners everywhere

Linda and I realized from our work with small businesses how RIGHT ON THE MONEY you are with your messaging!!! We are the choir! Keep on preaching!!!! To small businesses owners EVERYWHERE: SIGN UP FOR THIS COURSE!!!! - THE TREVOR METHOD

I now have a legitimate social strategy

Thank you doesn't seem like enough. I already feel grounded and better prepared to move forward with an legitimate, thoughtful and strategic social strategy. - SILAS

Strong brand social express

Social Media Success System (VALUE $79.00)
The Nine Critical Elements (VALUE $57.00)
The Channel Guide (VALUE $57.00)
100 Content Prompts (VALUE $110.00)
Secret Social Weapon (VALUE $87.00)
Paid Social Roadmap (VALUE $129.00)
Traffic-Driving Principle that NOBODY is using (VALUE $115.00)
Measurement Model (VALUE $225.00)
The NEW BOOST (VALUE $166.00)

BONUS! Zero-Waste Social System Master Class (VALUE $250.00)
BONUS! iOS Updates & Implications (VALUE $75.00)
BONUS! How to Optimize Your Blog Posts(VALUE $97.00)
BONUS! Non Profit & End-of-Year Giving (VALUE $50.00)

Total Value: $1,497.00
Your Price for a Limited Time: $97

14-Day Money Back guarantee 💚

Strong Brand Pact

If this program doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you clarify your content strategy, or save tons of time and money with social media marketing, just email us and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Business owners, marketing leaders, and social media marketers for consumer goods, ecomm and retail businesses that want to see an immediate uptick in social media performance.

How do I know if this will work for me?

The strategic frameworks, trainings, templates, and tools you’ll find here have been successfully applied thousands of times to product-based brands (physical and digital), and service-based businesses. Our DNA is decades of experience working with some of the world’s most beloved consumer brands, so if you’re in a B2B sector and wishing to modernize your marketing practices or speak to your community more conversationally, you’re in the right place!

How long will it take?

Strong Brand Social Express is a jam-packed 90- minute accelerator course designed to teach you powerful, foundational, actionable concepts and go-to tactics that you can implement today. It's super charged and efficient so you can get in there and catapult your business to the next level fast.

What’s included in my purchase?

SBS Express trainings are delivered with a mix of video content, PDFs, templates, and tools (which come in the format of Google Slides and Google Sheets). Immediately after purchasing, you will receive an email invite from Teachable (this is where we house all of our juicy digital marketing secrets) to quickly set up your account and then you'll have lifetime access to all of the trainings, your workbook, and other important resources.

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