7 Ways Brands Can Leverage User-Generated Content

Katie Wight | July 20, 2023

Why UGC matters in today’s social media landscape

What is UGC… and how can you share it?

Ideas for creating and sharing UGC

There are virtually limitless ways to create and share UGC. Depending on how familiar you are with UGC and how much is required to get the ball rolling on this strategy, you can pick and choose from the list below.

Product demonstrations

Tag & share

Polls & questions

Virtually every social platform has a polls feature. Polls and surveys are a fantastic way to engage your audience and to capture some really organic UGC. Encourage followers to participate and share their thoughts or opinions on your offers, or on a topic related to them.

For example, a skincare product could poll its audience to ask who has used its newest product. This creates FOMO and serves as UGC to promote the new product drop.

You can also use question stickers or boxes on Instagram to ask questions like, “What’s one [insert your brand name] product you never leave home without?” This generates UGC in the form of comments and responses, and it also shows that you value your audience's input.

Hashtag campaigns

UGC contests

Social media contests are still a really great way to grow your reach. It’s also a great way to build up a bank of reviews and UGC. This strategy might need a bit more planning — and some guidance from legal.

Once you’re sure you’re following the rules of the platform you’re posting on, ask customers or clients to create and share UGC to enter a giveaway. They might submit photos or videos of how they use your product, or how it’s influenced their life in some way. You can even request screenshots of their Google reviews; just make sure you explicitly request that you can share their reviews on other platforms. (Technically, Google owns those reviews under copyright law. Fun fact.)

Once you have a list of everyone who contributed, you can randomize the winner and let everyone know who won. You can give away prizes, exclusive discounts, or the opportunity to be featured on your brand's social media platforms.

Note: This also works really well in connection with another brand or an influencer, if you want to grow your reach even more.

Reviews & testimonials

Client or customer features

UGC vs. influencer content

A final note: UGC isn’t going to fix a bad social strategy