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Paid Social Bootcamp

Systematically grow your brand with simple, straightforward, step-by-step training on high-performance social media advertising. DIY or delegate — either way, you'll dominate! 😏

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Avoid expensive management fees by running paid ads yourself

Accelerate growth by adding fuel to the fire of your content strategy with paid ads. Increase impact from your content and learn how to maintain profitable ad accounts in just 15 minutes per day.

What You'll Learn

How to drive accelerated brand awareness, sales, and loyalty with efficient and powerful social advertising strategies

Paid social A to Z: From setting up Business Manager to the advanced strategies we use daily to grow our clients' accounts across dozens of industries

How to optimize campaigns for outstanding results and measurable growth — with less ad spend, greater efficiency, and bigger return

Who You Are

A brand owner seeking to reduce expenses by eliminating the cost of a paid ads manager, looking for thorough instructions on how to set up winning campaigns from scratch, in a non-scary way

What You'll Get

Lifetime access to the industry's most comprehensive training in social advertising strategy, practices, and application, with a vault of step-by-step tutorials to help you navigate ad platforms and get it all done at your own pace

Paid Social Bootcamp

SYLLABUS for strong brands

Your Strategic Approach to Social Advertising

Before you dive into specific paid tactics, it’s important to get clear on the overall strategy that will align with your business.

  • From budget to audience selection to creative 101, learn the basics you’ll need for every campaign
  • Never set up a campaign or sales funnel before? We’ll guide you through a bunch of examples across industries so you can get familiar with what a finished campaign looks like
Getting Started with Business Manager

Get acquainted with Facebook Business Manager, take a tour of the back end of the platform, and get your first look at Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Set up the very beginning basics of your Facebook Business Manager and find out where everything lives inside the platform
  • Get the general rundown of what you’ll see inside the Ads Manager itself. You’ll be spending lots of time here later, so we’ll make sure your comfy for the long haul
Business Manager Set Up

Build a strong foundation for all ads, campaigns, and reporting from the very beginning with this comprehensive Business Manager setup module.

  • From setting up an ad account, designating your billing preferences, to hooking your Facebook Page to your new Business Manager account, this is your ultimate checklist
  • Prep your account to work with paid ads agencies and specialists, prepare your pixel for retargeting, and get up to speed on all things privacy and compliance
Audiences 101

How to create and save audiences that target WHO you want, WHERE you want so they do WHAT you want.

  • Create Custom Audiences based on real-life actions that your audience has taken so you deliver specific, highly relevant ads
  • Create and save different types of audiences to use for future campaigns
  • What to do to make sure you don’t overlap these new audience selections and inflate your budget by targeting the same people multiple times
The New Boost

The better way to “boost” your content, guaranteed to increase engagement and ensure your audience sees your content.

  • Master the formula: fewer posts + higher quality content + new boost = faster growth without the stress of posting every day!
  • Dive into the weeds on how to tactically weave the New Boost into your publishing process for systematic growth, sales, and retention
Campaigns and Optimizations

Take the theory behind paid social advertising and the foundation laid during Business Manager set up to set up a bonafide paid campaign for yourself.

  • Comprehensive (and we mean it) checklists and double checks so you have eeeeverything you need to set up a bunch of different campaign types
  • From increasing video views, to lead generation, to retargeting campaigns, the videos in these modules walk you through every step of the process so you can nail your campaign setup — even if it’s your first time ever
Shoppable Facebook + Instagram

When you want to sell on social, there are a couple of ways to do it. Learn your options and understand what tactic will be best for you.

  • If you’ve got an eCommerce site, learn how to easily link your accounts for a seamless user and shopping experience
  • Find out if setting up a “Shop” on Instagram and Facebook is possible and recommended for your industry
Partnership Advertising

Partnering with another person or organization is a cost-effective and simple way to build in more reach for your message — if you do it right!

  • Learn the Golden Rule of partnership campaigns so you don’t burn weeks of preparation resulting in sub-par ROI
  • Get crystal clear on the type of partnership advertising you want to use, from brand marketing, to influencer marketing, and more
Optimizing Campaigns for the iOS Update

Learn to construct and optimize winning campaigns in the privacy-forward, cookie-driven landscape that all businesses are currently operating.

  • Get your mindset right with fluff-free facts and techniques to see past the fear mongering deployed by Big Tech in an effort to control news headlines whenever platforms receive updates
  • Learn best practices for running campaigns that keep the user engaged directly on the social platforms so you can build retargeting audiences
Reading Results and Making Optimizations

Once your ads are running, the most important step is knowing if an ad is working, and even better still: WHY they’re working!

  • Learn how to optimize campaigns for maximum success and industry-busting ROI depending on the type of campaign you’re running
  • Set up simple reporting so you can quickly and easily interpret the data and make informed decisions about what optimizations you might want to make to scale your campaigns for ultimate efficiency

Bonus Material ⚡️

Bonus 01

Audience Building Seminar from FB Live

From cold vs. hot, Custom vs. Saved, learn all the lingo about building the right audiences at the right time — with tons of examples of each! — with this Audience Building Seminar from Katie and Caitlin!

Bonus 02

Recording of Live Q&A with SBS Ads Expert

“How do I turn my campaign into *actual* next steps?” “I don’t think I set up my Business Manager account correctly, should I start over?” “How do I increase click-thru rate?” Get answers to all these questions and more with these bonus Q&As!


It's time to pour some gasoline on this fire.

Meet your instructors

Katie Wight

Social media marketing's voice of reason. Katie has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth.

Caitlin Bergin

A marketing executive with decades of experience across brand, PR, events, and paid social (and Strong Brand Social's original in-house social advertiser)!


1233.33% increase!!!

My new boost post worked. I am getting 2cent per engagement. At this point it has 200 likes while all the other posts have about 15 to 20. 😂 I know my client will be happy. Can't wait to use this momentum. - STEPHANIE L.

Fabulous! Incredibly helpful

I must write to tell Caitlin Bergin that the Bootcamp is beyond amazing and incredibly useful. Thank you very much for all of your hard work, this must have taken forever to put together. You are fabulous, that's all. - JANE B.

Successfully set up my first ad!

I just wanted to send you all a HUGE shoutout for what you're doing. I have successfully set up my first ad campaigns - using custom audiences - with your help. :) - JESS W.

Post reach up 763%, New page likes up 1300%

Using the "new boost" and boosting posts to our targets and running a giveaway with our local retailer, we more than doubled our follower count from 4/28 to 5/25. Without this we would not have had these kinds of results, so thank you Katie and the whole Team! - KIRSTEN

you can't find this anywhere else

Seriously love the hands on approach- can’t find that anywhere else. You girls make it feel personal and that’s an amazing quality. - ROBYN S.

amazing 🙌

I'm taking Paid Social Boot Camp... OMG I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE!!! - SHELLY W.

couldn't have figured this out without you

Who has two thumbs and is running a friggin facebook ad?!? This girl! 💃Thanks SBS crew - I would not have been able to figure out business manager without you. 😄 - RACHEL R.

I've learned so much

Huge fan of Strong Brand Social and Paid Social Bootcamp (partway through the latter) - I've learned so much and truly appreciate it! - LESLIE C.

forever grateful!!

GEOFENCING IS GIVING ME LIFE! I've always DREAMED of being able to do what you just taught me to do in Paid Social Bootcamp! Forever grateful. Truly, truly jazzed!!!!! - ALEXANDRA M.

mind-bogglingly helpful

Wowza… there is so much benefit I’ve received so far it boggles my brain. From help with website rebuilds, FB manager setup (Caitlin ⭐️), setting up my marketing strategy, Instagram strategies, real people to talk to….Yet, there is still so much, I have yet to scratch the surface of this program. - KATHERINE D.


I can honestly say that I had zero idea how to use Facebook business and ad manager before I took this class. I had never set up a custom audience let alone retargeted an audience after running an ad. In fact I had never run an ad to promote my business online because I did not know how to do it. Learning how to navigate the back end of Facebook has been a game changer for me. The step by step videos that are provided in the Bootcamp class are invaluable and I refer to them over and over. I am now, two months later, running effective ads that are driving traffic to my website and generating leads for my email list. Amazing! I feel that I have new control over the future of my jewelry business. - JANE B.

thank you

I have to tell you that I've been drawn to you specifically because you speak my language. What I mean by this is a way of talking about marketing and advertising that is not so masculine & so gimmicky...Anyway, I like to know that there are people like you (and your partners) in marketing and communications who operate with integrity and authenticity. - IOANA H.

Paid Social bootcamp

The Strategic Approach to Social Advertising (VALUE $197.00)
How To Align Your Budget With Your Goals (VALUE $127.00)
Campaigns & Funnels 101 (VALUE $197.00)
Ad Creative 101 (VALUE $197.00)
Business Manager Navigation Cheat Sheets (VALUE $87.00)
Introduction to Business Manager (VALUE $125.00)
Account Set Up & Pixel Installation Guide (VALUE $97.00)
The Complete Guide to Creating Audiences (VALUE $249.00)
The NEW Boost (VALUE $166.00)
Ads Checklist (VALUE $119.00)
SBS's Proprietary Master Ads Matrix (VALUE $197.00)
How to Create Web Traffic Campaigns (VALUE $87.00)
Retargeting Campaigns for Conversion Guide (VALUE $87.00)
How to Create Social Growth Campaigns Like a Pro (VALUE $127.00)
Guide to Building a Shoppable Facebook + Instagram (VALUE $147.00)
Partnership Advertising Best Practices (VALUE $125.00)
Optimizing Campaigns for iOs Updates (VALUE $99.00)
Guide to Setting Up Your Reporting Structure (VALUE $97.00)
Measurement Model (VALUE $225.00)
Guide to Tracking IG & FB Growth, Engagement Rates,
Traffic to Site from Social, and more!
(VALUE $89.00)

BONUS! Audience-Building Seminar (VALUE $150.00)
BONUS! Recording of 2 LIVE Q&As with SBS Ads Expert (VALUE $220.00)

Total Value: $3,211.00
Your Price for a Limited Time: $247

14-Day Money Back guarantee 💚

Strong Brand Pact

If this workshop doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you clarify your content strategy, or save tons of time and money with social media marketing, just email us and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for product-based brands or service?

The origins of our methods are based on consumer product brands. Over the past 3 years, we've seen them successfully applied (hundreds of times) to both product and service based businesses. Inside of this program, there are dozens of strategy examples from both product and service based brands. If you want to cut through the noise and grow with your audience using world-class marketing practices, this is the right program for you.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you:

  • feel physically ill at the thought of trying to figure out how to set up paid campaigns for your business
  • have tried to do paid advertising on social before, but feel like you're missing something, because all you ended up with was wasted dollars
  • are currently running paid advertising, but it's just sucking so much of your collective time...

you need this course right now.

What if I’ve bought other social media courses that have gotten me nowhere?

Someone else’s one-size-fits-all solution isn’t working for you? Sounds about right. If you want the Simone Biles version of your social media strategy, you need to play your own game. We'll give you the best framework in the field and time-tested techniques so that you can build your own success machine!

What will this course teach me that I can't learn directly from Facebook/ Instagram?

This course not only walks you through the mechanics for setting up paid social on the Facebook manager platform, but it also shows you how to apply your social media strategy effectively in order to ensure your paid effort make actual returns! Did we mention that the level of explanatory detail will not only give you the in-depth information you require, but it's broken down in very simple, step-by-step tutorials. Easy, simple, zero-confusion.

I'm hella intimidated by paid social – will there be support?

This is a self-paced course, but the SBS team is available in our Strong Brand Social Facebook Group! We do a sweep 2x a day to answer any questions students may have about the course. And we're always available M-F at We reply to every email and will never leave you hanging. 💚

This sounds like a ton to remember – how long do I get to access the materials?

You will have lifetime access to the learning material and videos!

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