Strong Brand Social Express

Strong Brand Social Express

Beat every algorithm update and platform change with the internet's #1 guide to high-performance and holistic social media marketing🌟

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What You'll Learn

How to beat every platform update and algorithm change with a powerful, sustainable, efficient social media strategy

How to win with a quality-over-quantity approach to your social media marketing that actually *feels good* for your brand

How to dramatically improve your social media marketing results without doing anything you don’t want to do ⚡

What You'll Get

The Internet’s most illuminating and clarifying 90-minute crash course on high-performance social media marketing and a comprehensive workbook to help you fast track your strategy

What You'll Need

An offer, website, app, or podcast that you want to increase traffic to — and a seatbelt because baby, you better buckle up!

Course Syllabus

1. The Nine Keys 

The 9 critical elements that every brand needs to grow faster online! Plus, guidance on exactly how to priortize your social media investments over time.

2. The Channel Guide

A guide to getting the right message in the right place at the right time – without exhausting yourself, spinning your wheels, or chasing your tail

3. 101 Content Prompts

101 high-performing content prompts that clearly define how to measure success for each unique post (including Reels), live examples, and tutorials on how to create engaging content! 

4. The New Boost

Increase every post's shelf-life from one day to a full week and enhance customer engagement by 300-500% with this little known strategy that's what algorithm-proof growth dreams are delightfully made of

5. Measurement Model

Easily measure success with our proprietary measurement tool that shows you — in just 15 minutes per month — what’s working and how to optimize what’s not

6. So Much More

  • Super secret traffic driving tricks
  • A workbook to build your social media plan as you go
  • A check list for prepping social advertising accounts
  • Immediate, on-demand, and life-time access to the training, tutorials, and tools described (and a whole lot more we can’t fit in these boxes)!
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Meet your instructor

    Katie Wight

    Social media marketing's voice of reason. Our founder has designed thousands of high-performance digital strategies that leave space for joy in the journey of brand growth


    No looking back. This is gonna change everything.

    From The Community

    Wow. Just wow. Just finished Strong Brand Social Express.... THIS COURSE IS INCREDIBLE. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    Jeff S.

    Just went through the course and I'm blown away by the quality of the content! I now have a clearer vision on what I need to do to grow my business with actionable steps to do so.

    Sabine O.

    I'm loving this program. You guys weren't kidding when you said you pack in a lot of knowledge! Just the content prompts alone are worth it. Thanks for doing such an amazing job.

    Susanne S.

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